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How to Save Money | University Edition:

When you hit the maturity stage, your pocket money always loses away from your palm like water. It keeps on decreasing and your expenses keep on piling up. Universities give student loans and scholarships but every student is not eligible for it. There are ways you seek to save your money and stop spending it unnecessarily. You must be wondering that’s impossible and you need to do a job and get out of your comfort zone to cover the expenses but that’s not true, there are many ways through which you can save up. Keep on reading to find out more.

Enjoy Your Fresher’s like never before even During COVID-19

Since the pandemic has hit the world, everything got stomped to a halt and swept under a rug. We don’t see gatherings anymore, there are no late nights clubs flashing lights into the sky, meet friends after two months which feels like a year, and the university has been shifted online which is the most hated part for the freshies. University life is always very hyped up. After passing school and college, students look up to universities to get a step closer to the career.

How to Write a Strong Conclusion for an Essay

Essay writing is very difficult and most students get help in writing essays because of the amount of research and knowledge it requires, its time taking, and a lengthy process. Drafting the whole essay and then making paragraphs and finally a conclusion. When everything is done and you take a sigh of relief, the conclusions give a daunting smile to your comfort. Essay topics heavily vary the proximity of difficulty level and the topics carry the value of the concluding paragraph. A strong body of the paragraph ensures you that the reader will keep reading till the end of the essay and an impactful concluding makes you achieve the goal. Now let’s see what makes your essay conclusion unique and creative:

How to Write an Email to a Professor

Sending an email to senior management gives you butterflies in your stomach because it’s nerve-wracking to talk to your upper management with the right words, formal tone, and good language. Talking face to face is more difficult than sending a mail and students opt for it but it`s not as easy as it seems. Talking to someone who has accountability over you and sits in a higher position requires respect and some kind of formality. Some teachers are okay with casual emails and they accept it without any legit rules but some professors, or for instance if you`re writing to the principal, you want to keep it formal while adding all the messages that you want to convey. Here’s what you need to do when writing an email to a professor:

5 Healthy living Tips for Students

Since the pandemic has hit the world, education has become very uncertain, the school, college, and university students are stuck in their institutes. Students have got tensed and it added to their tension. Apart from the stress of education and career, students have been depressed and it affected their mental health. Taking good care of your inner self will help you to build securities that will in return help you with your studies and your qualification. But how to do it? The 5 main factors that should be taken care of:

International Students` Problems in the United Kingdom

The dream of every student is to get into a top UK university to make a successful career but is it that easy? Planning and applying are far easier than actually going and witnessing how foreign students live on their own. The pros and cons are at their place but firstly getting in your favorite university and then finding a good roommate and making friends and getting a job, the list goes on and on. The major problems that students usually face while studying in the UK are listed below:

How to Improve Analytical and Research Skills

Have you ever wondered how this world keeps on changing, new innovations keeps on introducing, every other day scientists are inventing something new and better solutions, improved services and convenient products are being made?

How to Effectively Manage Your Time

You must have heard the famous clause about time that “lost time is never found again”. Well, no one can deny the fact that time is important in every aspect of life. Be it studying, getting married, having a birthday party, leaving for an interview or a hangout, or going to someone’s house. If you waste one valuable moment, you are never going to get that back. The regret gets deeper and deeper and you keep wishing to get that one second back to make your life better to make the right decision but no, it gone now, it’s never coming back. time management is important in every phase of life, the education era will never come back if you waste your time just hanging out friends or going for dinners and missing school and important assignments, I tell you friend you are going to regret deeply about that. There are various ways to manage time effectively. Follow the following ways and stop regretting your decisions:

How does your Master’s Degree differ from an Undergraduate?

Masters is an updated level of education and after getting over with bachelors; students relax for a while because it’s a roller coaster of exams, assignments, coursework, thesis, and research papers. After achieving all this and passing the bachelor`s with flying colors, the next stage is the Master`s. There’s no big difference in courses and studies, as far as you’re continuing the same field. It might intimidate that Masters require more effort and hard work but in real terms, every education level has its pros and cons.

The Best Words and Phrases You Can Use to Deliver a Winning Research Report

The process of delivering your message through writing is considered easy for students but when they start writing they get the real hassle behind it. Academic writing is very important at every level of education and a reason to that is the writing process. Professors access your speed and knowledge on different areas when they give a task of research writing. You need to add relevant phrases and make sure your grammar and language is correct. Use a good variety of vocabulary and relevant idioms that add value to your report. Avoid jargon and meaning fewer words that are good in language but leaves no value to the report when they’re added. Focus on the following steps at first: