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Terms & Conditions

Factors to be considered whilst placing an order

It is really important that the client should provide all its personal details and the assignment details right and clear as this will help us to deliver you the best service timely. If the customer has provided any false detail or the details related to the assignment is not clear, then Insta Research UK will not be responsible for any consequences. Further, We will not be responsible for any refund to be made to the client. However, if the client informs us immediately after placing an order, changes can be made accordingly and only in this case we can accommodate the client.

Pre-requisites of Order Delivery

Insta Research UK ensures and our team strongly focuses that the assignments are delivered on time to our clients. However, we would like to mention some of the important aspects of the assignment deadlines. Suppose you want your order to be delivered within 7 days then the delivery date would be calculated from the day you place your order, not at the time of confirmation. For instance, you placed your order on 1-2-2014 then as per the deadline of 7 days the delivery of order becomes due on 7-2-2014. Please remember that your order is considered to be placed on our website only when you have made the payment and not the time when you have provided us only with the requirements related to the assignment. Hence, please make sure that you process your payments timely in order to avoid any hindrance in the process of delivering your project. However, if we are unable to deliver your project on time, you are eligible for the full refund.

Unlimited revisions of the assignment

Insta Research UK facilitates its customers by providing them with an opportunity to ask for unlimited amendments and revisions in the paper until they are satisfied with the quality of the work. However, there are some conditions attached to it, if you have provided us with all the correct requirements and your project is not according to the stated requirements, mentioned at the time of placing an order, only then you are eligible for the revisions. Otherwise, if you are failed to provide the correct requirements, then it is not our responsibility to make further changes in the project.

Cancelling your Order

We provide you with a chance to cancel your order due to any reason. In case you want to cancel your order, you can as our customer support staff and he/she will cancel your order on behalf of you. However, if our writer has started working on your project or have completed it, we will not be able to entertain you and your order cannot be cancelled in this case. We want to notify you that, Instaresearch.co.uk holds the right to cancel or refuse your order at any time and due to any reason. For further assistance, you may contact our customer support staff via Email or online chat.

Refund Policy:

In respect of the Refund Policy, customers will return the amount in the following scenarios:

  • In the event that your Visa or credit card is charged fallibly
  • In the event that your Visa or credit card is charged for any additional sum
  • In the event that we are not able to meet the order requirements or are not able to deliver your assignment
  • Accordingly, the organisation won`t be accountable to return the money, if any of the above circumstances do not happen.
  • Refund will not be provided in case the company is unable to match your deadline

Giving £2999 in case of Plagiarised Work

Our company is offering £2999 to our customers in case of plagiarised work, with a Turnitin report showing a score of more than 15%. We will not be liable for any return in case your work matches with your fellow or another student. In order to claim this, you have to provide us with the Turnitin report, which you have received from the company at the time of delivery of your order. You can claim this within 9 days from the date of your order delivery. Title page, Table of Contents as well as References page will not be counted in the plagiarism percentage. Moreover, it takes at least 25 Days to process your claim.

Discounts & Promotions

All customers are eligible to acquire discounts as per the given Discount Codes specifically. However, please note that orders with more than 1000 words / 4 pages qualify for a discount. You will not be given discounts in case software or programming language/coding have to be used. In case you have used the incorrect discount code, either you will have to pay the remaining balance, or in case if you have made an extra payment, extras will be refunded.

Disclaimer related to Services

Students approve the fact that the services of research and writing that are provided on the site will be considered only for the purpose of reference. The aim of the service is to provide a model or sample paper to the students as guidance. Students are responsible for reading the document and editing it. It must not be sent directly to the university without editing