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PowerPoint Presentation Service

What is a PowerPoint Presentation?

A PowerPoint Presentation is prepared on a software named PowerPoint designed by Microsoft. PowerPoint presentation contains the presentation slides that includes the relative information and mostly a summary of all the important points related to a particular topic area or research work. It is mainly used to provide useful information on a specific topic to the audience. It is used at both the corporate and educational level.

Structure of the PowerPoint Presentation

Following is the structure of the PowerPoint presentation:

  • It usually begins with a title slide which generally contains the heading of the topic followed by the name of the presenter
  • Following the title slide, the presentation includes the slides containing the information related to the topic being discussed
  • Information can be in the form of text, images, graphical representation, etc.
  • Usually in the, in the end, the final slide of the presentation includes the conclusion drawn for the specific topic

Use of the PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentations are used for both academic and corporate meetings purposes. Professors and lecturers these days use PowerPoint presentations in order to deliver the lectures. Furthermore, the working personnel also use PowerPoint presentations to present their findings to their bosses and managers.

PowerPoint Software Details

PowerPoint presentations can be viewed on a computer on which PowerPoint software is installed. Alternatively, PowerPoint Viewer is available for free download from Microsoft`s website for individual use. PowerPoint presentations can be viewed using PowerPoint Viewer, but cannot be created or edited.

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