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Best Films That You Should Watch In College

  • Post Date 2021-10-21T12:54:54+00:00
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Best Films That You Should Watch In College

College life might be tiring and hectic but who doesn’t like a film on holiday with a bunch of classmates. You can even enjoy your freshers like never before during covid-19 by binging some of the best sitcoms with your new friends. Watching movies together is healthy and fun, you get to know about their preferences, you learn about new blockbusters, and you get to talk about something interesting. Everyone has their list of the top best movies they like, when everyone gets together, a debate swirls on which movie to watch and it’s fun to fight and state some seriously good facts about your favorite movies and get to know theirs too. Want some cool suggestions on which movie to watch? Here’s a list:

Mean Girls

This one has to be everybody’s favorite. Mean girls is a college film, the plot takes on a girl group named plastics with three girls in it who are very dramatic and self-obsessed. A new girl arrives at their college and she tries to stay away from the plastics but the story continues in a very crazy way where Cady (the newcomer) falls for Regina’s ex-boyfriend. Mean girls is an old Hollywood comedy teen movie and it’s so fun to watch with a friend over and over again.


Tall Girl

You might not know about this one if you like old sitcoms but the tall girl is a good fusion of romcom and comedy. It’s also a teen movie and delivers a great message. A must-watch for anyone in college who feels insecure about anything. Tall girl consists of a girl in her college who is made fun of and looked at in her college because of her height but soon she overcomes her insecurity and realizes this world is much more for her than just some shitty college people who make her uncomfortable. You can find this movie on many accurate cites.

The Devil Wears Prada

This movie gives a message to young people that giving up shouldn’t be an option on your list. It’s beautifully plotted with lead Anne Hathway, it takes on the plot with Anne in the character of Andy, who wants to pursue her dream and work in a magazine editor’s agency. She gets her first job as an assistant to Miranda priestly who owns the biggest magazine editor agency but she’s extremely rude and merciless to Andy. She however finds a better way to carry on her career. Get over with your TEFL assignment writer UK and then watch this movie.


Oceans 8

This is one of the most badass movies you will ever watch. From the plot, to the cast and the storyline everything is well planned and executed. A group of girls is set on a mission to steal a diamond necklace worth millions of dollars from the met gala and not get caught. The ending of this movie will shock you to death. The heist is well planned with many masterminds. Watch it and see by yourself how it ends.

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