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4 Best Ways to Carry Out Primary Research during Lockdown

  • Post Date 2021-10-21T11:34:33+00:00
  • Post Category Student Advice

4 Best Ways to Carry Out Primary Research during Lockdown

Conducting research is vital for businesses at every level but during the pandemic, everything was swept over to the internet and businesses suffered tremendously. The best ways to do primary research are listed in this article, keep on reading and equip yourself with the latest strategies and types.

There are two types of research processes known as primary and secondary research. This article is focused on primary research which is obtained as a first and source by businesses, it is authentic and very relevant than secondary research because that is second–hand information, obtained through other businesses and the internet. Primary research is extracted with a view on the objectives and aims of the business so it’s highly relevant, secondary research is already obtained and used by someone else so it doesn’t sit right on the requirement. Most businesses carry out primary research but the lockdown has affected it immensely. We have figured out the best ways to do primary research even during the lockdown.


This is a way to interact with the customer. Interviews are held to get customer insight on various concerns. If the business wants t come up with a new product they would like to customer respond or their suggestion on what they should introduce. Many businesses take customer suggestions very seriously and take a step further to shake hands with them and work on the products they tell. If you’ve ever got CIPD assignment help, you must know that they get all your deals and in the end, ask for a response, that’s the same thing.

Focus groups

These are more or less similar to the interviews besides the fact that they are taken as more than 2 people together in a group. These are also intended to catch customer ideas and their preferences are observed.


Online surveys on Google forms have been a big hit in this whole pandemic, be it, students, for their HND assignment help of businesses for their customers; everyone is taking the best advantage of Google forms. The survey should be created with careful analysis of the questions selected; the language should be easy and without jargon. The questions shouldn’t be personal and lengthy. The answers must be extracted in a way that they give an accurate response to the objective behind it. The online survey is the best option nowadays for every business.


Observations were carried out when in-store business was a thing, but now everything is under strict lockdown in the UK. The best way to observe customers as the top academic writing service suggested is through online pages and websites. When a customer visits your website, or you’re social media, make a pop-up to get their response from 1-10. Moreover, you can put emojis on the website and ask the customer to rate them, these ways are easy and takes no time because most customers are busy and in hurry, it takes a sec to click on a response.