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How to Write an Email to a Professor

  • Post Date 2021-10-22T05:41:47+00:00
  • Post Category Student Advice

How to Write an Email to a Professor

Sending an email to senior management gives you butterflies in your stomach because it’s nerve-wracking to talk to your upper management with the right words, formal tone, and good language. Talking face to face is more difficult than sending a mail and students opt for it but it`s not as easy as it seems. Talking to someone who has accountability over you and sits in a higher position requires respect and some kind of formality. Some teachers are okay with casual emails and they accept it without any legit rules but some professors, or for instance if you`re writing to the principal, you want to keep it formal while adding all the messages that you want to convey. Here’s what you need to do when writing an email to a professor:

Make a proper subject

E-mail subject is the first thing that the reader sees even before opening the mail. The way you plan the subject is directly linked with how fast the professor is going to reply to you back. Even if the topic is lengthy, the subject of the mail should be written in a way that gives an idea of the main topic while being concise. If you want a fast reply you can add urgent in the subject. It varies with the topic of the mail. Some are listed below for examples:

Start with a respectful greeting


Sending an email to a friend required a greeting like hi, hello. But you cannot just write HI professor, it sounds highly casual and informal. Proper greeting shows respect, try to add words like ‘dear principal, I hope you’re well’ or ‘Respected ma’am, I hope this e-mail finds you in good health’. This kind of starting you use gives an overview of the type of message you’re about to enlist.


Don’t drag the mail off-topic

If you’re writing a mail to your professor on finding the best MATLAB assignment help, or if you’re seeking their guidance on doing your assignment then it’s highly likely that the mail is going to be detailed and informative. So it is very beneficial if you stay on topic and enlist everything relevant rather than talking about different things altogether. Writing 2 different emails with proper subjects is recommended instead of writing one mail and messing it up with everything. It confuses your teacher and the response you get confuses you in return.

Write between school hours

If you want an urgent reply then writing the mail between school time is preferable because teachers are the most active there. Sending mails in off-hours has a big chance of being delayed and never looked up. You might question that sending the mail during school hours will be inconvenient for you because you have classes back to back, but you can write the mail in breaks or before doing your Level 5 CIPD assignment help