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[Solved] Leading Change at LSP

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[Solved] Leading Change at LSP

This paper revolves around the leading change at LSP. You are required to present a report including the various stages of change and likely sources of resistance. Furthermore, you are asked to answer why Dr. Lee is opposed to change and how to reduce his resistance in your report.

Different stages of change and likely sources of resistance

            There are three common stages of the change process in an organization namely; unfreezing, movement and refreezing. The unfreezing stage is likely to encounter inertia where the people in the organization are contented with the current operations and processes hence they are not ready to change. Mistrust is another source of resistance to change in this stage due to failure of people to believe those communicating change. Information deprivation is also a source of change resistance at this stage. The movement stage too is faced by a couple of resistance sources. Inadequate clarity on change is one source. This is where the change advocates fail to explain the change process. Lack of adequate skills to handle the change is another source of resistance. For example, LSP’s staff may have inadequate skill in handling digital systems. The final stage which is refreezing is faced with the challenge of the people falling back to the old way of doing things (Hitt, Stewart and Lyman 49).

Q. Why Dr. Lee is opposed to change and how to reduce his resistance

            According to (Hitt, Stewart and Lyman 39), Dr. Lee is the most brilliant scientist in the organization. He has high level of expertise concerning the analog signal processing. He has numerous analog technology innovations and is an authority in the field. He is hence opposed to change since he is afraid that he may not attain the same expertise in digital technology. He may also observe digital technology as inferior to analog due his expertise in analog technology. His resistance may be reduced through explaining to him the importance of digital technology migration. Additionally, the change implementers may describe to him the organization’s benefits of adopting the new technology and the drawbacks of status quo. The company may also promise Dr. Lee adequate job training in digital technology to help him maintain his expertise.


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[Solved] Leading Change at LSP [Solved] Leading Change at LSP
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