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Apple advertising campaign speech presentation: Speech Presentation

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Apple advertising campaign speech presentation: Speech Presentation

Apple advertising campaign speech presentation: Speech Presentation

please type the speech in easy and simple english words, this is 8 ~ 12 minutes presentation, so I guess 5 pages is about 10 minutes. Thank you.
Apple advertising campaign speech presentationName:Institution:Date:In the handset market, smartphones are the fastest growing devices that may dominate the market in future. Smart phones have multiple functions and are thus desirable for their added features and many applications. With many of the smartphones under different operating system, there is increased competition among manufacturers of the products. Apple products have a good reputation and the launch of a new iPhone will also enhance the company`s brand image and status as a leading innovator. In order, to increase Apple`s market share it is necessary to highlight on the advertising campaign plan that is appropriate for the target consumers. With an appropriate marketing strategy, the penetration rate of the iPhone in the global market will increase with the emerging markets especially in China good opportunities for this expansion.Most people living in urban areas require entertainment separate way from their busy schedules, and professionals and students are well represented in metropolitan areas. In addition, the target customers tend to be tech savvy and the stylish iPhones suits their needs. Thus, it is expected that iPhone 6 will be well received customers as there is a new notification system. Users can multi task through switching applications by a single swipe as the iPhone comes with a multitasking menu. Furthermore, the latest version of the iPhone is user friendly and advertisement will highlight on ease of use in targeting students and young urbane professionals. Apple Inc has seen tremendous growth in the smartphone market, but there is a need to look into new markets as Samsung products are more competitive in the mass market than ever before. The Chinese market provides opportunities for growth in the Asia Pacific region, with the country having a large emerging middle class and also the use of smartphone increasing than other handsets in the country. Most people who use smartphones and computer accessories know about Apple products. The advertising campaign plan will emphasize the company`s legacy through use of marketing strategies that meet the demands of the target customers. The handset industry is a fast changing field where technological innovations lead to product differentiation, and this will be adopted through launch of the new iPhone. Currently, the smartphone market is mainly dominated by products aimed at the high end market, and this advertising plan will focus on both corporate workers and students in formulating marketing strategies. On one hand, the pricing strategy is appropriate for the intended market, but with increased competition it may be necessary to increase the market share in non traditiona...

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Apple advertising campaign speech presentation: Speech Presentation Apple advertising campaign speech presentation: Speech Presentation
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