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Bottled Water Vs Tap Water

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Bottled Water Vs Tap Water

Bottled Water Vs Tap Water

Welcome to module 3 of Speech and Verbal Communications. In this module we will be exmanining the different types of speeches you may encounter. There are many different types of speeches: 1) entertaining 2) informative 3) persuasive 4) demonstrative 5) commemorative There isn`t total agreement on how many different types of speeches there are but in this module you will learn about the different types of speeches and why there isn`t agreement on the number of different types speeches. It doesn`t really matter how many different types of speeches there are as long as you understand each speech has a specific purpose and you need to prepare so you can make your presentation with that in mind. We will examine the differences between the various speech types and how to prepare for each one. For the first case assignment you will be writing one three minute speech. In the background material for this module you read about several different types of speeches now you will put to practice what you have learned. Write one speech, write it as you would speak it. You will not be graded on grammar and you do not need to cite any sources, write it as if you were speaking. (Try not to include too many ah`s though, also known as pregnant pauses.) The speech should be a minimum of six pages. (This is equivalent to about 3 minutes of speech if you talk slow.) Then in one page or less state what type of speech it is and the purpose of the speech. You may find it easiest to actually give the speech, recording yourself give it, then transcribe it typing it up as it was spoken. Please submit your speech to CourseNet by the module due date. Assignment Expectations: Distinguish between different types of speeches and understand the purpose of each type of speech.
Bottled Water Vs Tap WaterName:Course:Professor:College:Date:Type of Speech and Purpose (Demonstrative Speech)A demonstration speech explains how a certain event takes place or how something works. It could also be used to elaborate unknown concepts about a given phenomenon or idea. The speech presenter can make use of physical objects or visual aids such as graphs and maps to further elucidate into the validity of the information being presented. A demonstrative speech is often instructive and presents valuable and significant information. I am going to present a demonstrative speech to exhibit the fact that there is no big difference between tap water and commercially bottled water.Is Tap Water Fit For Human Consumption?1.0 PreambleIn the contemporary world, people are gradually ditching the tap water for the bottled water; the bottled water is becoming popular as the marketers use the “less lead” cliché to hoodwink the consumers. I have a young sister who will never take tap water, she is willing to pay any price just to make sure that she consumes the supposedly fit for human consumption water. Statistics indicate that one in every six American households use bottled water, meaning that the consumers have progressively accepted the bottled water. Unfortunately, bottled water is expensive for the average to low income earner, there are major factors that a consumer needs to consider before choosing either the bottled or tap water. The tap water is rich in fluoride, which promotes healthy teeth. I would like to conduct an experiment to deduce whether my sister can pick out between tap water and bottled water.Am going to take you through a methodology that I used to investigate the “merits” of bottled water, testing its similarities and parities in comparison to the tap water. Many consumers do not know the differences between the two, and the fallacy that bottled water is better tasting, high quality and less contaminated as compared the tap water must be...

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Bottled Water Vs Tap Water Bottled Water Vs Tap Water
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