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Conspicuous Consumption

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Conspicuous Consumption

Conspicuous Consumption

Compare Huxley`s depiction of one of the following issues to how that issue is evident in contemporary society. Are we closer or further away from the society described in Brave New World than we were when this book was first published in 1932? In what ways are we living in a "Brave New World"? Include specific textual references, support from outside resources, and indicate which of Huxley`s themes pertains to your topic: Genetic Engineering Fashion Built-in Obsolescence State/Federal Control of Education Societal Values Entertainment Obsession With Youth Sex I Promiscuity Drugs Music Longevity I Death Shortage Psychological Manipulation Conspicuous Consumption Moral Education Sex Education Death To form a thesis, the following order of operations might be helpful in directing your research: Read I reread part or all of the original text of Brave New World closely, looking for examples that deal with one or more of the topics above which interests you. Form an opinion on how you think Huxley is presenting this topic, with textual evidence to support it. Search through contemporary sources for evidence of our current attitudes about the topics you are dealing with, to support and claims you would like to make concerning trends in contemporary society. Guidelines Length: 4 Full Pages, MLA format text and citations (Double-spaced, 12 pt. font, one inch margins, no extra spacing between paragraphs) Sources: At least four sources are necessary, three of which should be non-internet sources
Name:Instructor:Course:Date of submission:Conspicuous ConsumptionWritten by Aldous Huxley in the year 1931 and later published in the year 1932, the novel Brave New World, contains some very insightful themes relating to the world as seen back in the 30s and what it has turned to today. In the novel Huxley anticipates the changes that will be expected in the realms of technology, education, engineering, genetics, consumerism, values of the society, morality among others. Although the book is set in London, he wrote it while in Italy, where he was living at the time. One of the main themes discussed in the novel is that of conspicuous consumption, otherwise known as consumerism. By definition, consumerism is the socioeconomic order of a society to buy and consume goods and services at an ever increasing rate (Miles 15). It all started with the birth of the globalization idea as a media culture. The culture of consumption is engraved in the lifestyles of the people from birth. The people are misled that for one to be happy they have to attend to the needs, which are simply exaggerated by the media. For one to be successful, you have to meet this never ending crave to derive happiness from the material things (Davis and Bauman 56). The Transition and Depression Today, we have completed the transition process and are the Brave New World, illustrated in the novel, written at the beginning of the consumerism trend. When the novel was written the consumers were getting ushered into the politically orchestrated consumerism habits. During the depression in the 1930s people did not spend as much, as they remained indoors most of the time. They chose to stay indoors listening to the radio rather than to be out entertaining themselves. The economy fell with the weight of the war and poor consumption. It was during the Second World War the government hatched the plan to encourage people to shop more in support of the economy. It is this trend that Huxley wrote about in his novel, where the government uses the media to create insatiable needs in the people and justifies the course (History of Consumerism Since 1865). Childhood Conditioning From an early age the children are tuned to oil the system, by the material they are exposed to by marketers. The kids are used to influence the decision the family makes when buying breakfast, casual meals, clothing, software or even entertainment. This has seen companies spend over 20 billion more in adverts as they target the kids. At that tender age, the government uses the media and the education systems to show the children how they need new toys and clothes. Using top researchers in the field, and child development experts and analysts, companies study the natural behaviors of children, so as to understand what makes them tick. Impressions such as using more...

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Conspicuous Consumption Conspicuous Consumption
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