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Why did you select this artist over your other choice? What interested you?

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Why did you select this artist over your other choice? What interested you?

Gustav klimt

I am taking the pottery class in my college, this is my reseacher paper of this class. Please write simplely. Here are some imformations. I. Title Page The title page must include the name of your selected artist, the artist¡¯s dates (if known), country of origin and your name. This paper will be minimum 1000 words (roughly 3-5 pages). 12 font, double space, times roman font. II. Introduction Why did you select this artist over your other choice? What interested you? Is the work beautiful to you? Why? Does your artist work in a vessel, a sculptural, or a functional pottery formate? What building techniques were used? What surface technique were used? What is the scale of the work? III. Your paper should be considered an Objective Analysis - In other words, your paper should be mainly about your analysis of the work(s) of the artist. You might want to consider some of the information outlined below, but remember this is meant to be some ideas for you to think about and possibly include, but does not have to be followed literally. It will help to make a systematic analysis of the work of art you choose. Many of the categories will overlap, and some are obviously more important for certain works than for others. Each work of art is a unique experience, and must be treated as such, but I hope the following outline will help you appreciate the artist you have selected more intensely. A. Subject Matter/Iconography - These are some of things you might want to include in your analysis, but again I have no expectation nor do I want you to simply answer the questions. These are just meant to help you and serve as some guidelines for your paper. Your paper should be based on your sample images and research. For each, consider the following: •What is represented? •Are there symbols in the work? •Is the work Realistic, Abstract, Non-objective? •What does it mean? •What was the cultural context of the work? •Does the work have, or make a social or political statement? •What is its emotional context? •Find out what works or artists, or events in time may have influenced the artist. •What are some of the cultural influences? B. Formal Elements Artists use the formal elements of line, color, value, texture, shape and pattern to describe form, space, plane and mass. Answering the questions below will help you to analyze how the artist used the formal elements of art to create the work of art you are considering, Just use the questions that apply to the work of art you have chosen. •How does the artist use the elements of design? •How does the artist handle space? •How does the artist organize the forms of the composition? IV. Conclusion Your conclusion will determine a third of your grade. Describe your aesthetic opinion in detail. What is your subjective reaction to the artist? How well do you like the artist and why?
GUSTAV KLIMT Name: Institution: Tutor: Date: INTRODUCTION Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) is one of the few famous painters like Leonardo Da Vinci whose paintings over the years have lived to become immortal together with them. Such a source of inspiration to many already existing and upcoming modern slaves of the brush and paint, this Austrian painter, is famously the man behind the painting known as The Kiss that he painted when he was 45. He was by then still living with his mother and two sisters and by then, although middle aged and unmarried and unmoved out of his parents house, he showed his strong interests in eroticism through his wonderful paintings. His works can only be understood by those willing to take a journey into the picture beyond his hunger to express himself in a cultural way through the placement of sexuality into paint. Whenever he painted with his oil paints on canvas, sketched and worked on his famous murals, he in himself showed a cradle in which existed an artistic array of symbolism in ideas. Among his treasured themes of the naked human body and sexuality, he would portray different figures in his own ways including the catholic icon of the Virgin Mary in a way that she would come out with a powerful sexual appeal (Wolfgang 22). THE BEETHOVEN FRIEZE From goldfish to Hymn of Happiness, the works of this artist reveals the ambience that had existed in his time among the class society he had grown into back at home in Vienna. His was such ...

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 Why did you select this artist over your other choice? What interested you? Why did you select this artist over your other choice? What interested you?
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