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Whole Foods

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Whole Foods

Whole Foods

WHOLE FOODS A. Company analysis: Mission, Vision, Leadership, Culture. B. Company analysis: product or service C. Customer analysis/discussion D. Industry and Competitor analysis SOURCES:AS MANY NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE ANALYSIS
Name:University:Course:Tutor:Date:WHOLE FOODSWhole foods industry is a fast growing industry in the world today. This is because present generation has realized the importance of feeding on natural and organic foods. In this paper we will focus on World Foods Market as the case study in understanding these industries. The key points that will be explored will include the general company analysis, customer and prevailing competitor environment (Fabricant 5). Whole Foods Market, Inc. stands to be the largest natural foods retailer in the US. This is an extensive company which has over 300 retail outlets in the States. It operates in broad product categories which include: grocery, meat and poultry, bakery, prepared foods, seafood, specialty (beer/wine/cheese), body care, floral and nutritional supplements amongst many others. The company in doing quite well in profit maximization and it continues to [-expand in installing more outlets. However, its growth is expected to level off after many years because of the steadfast growth of market competition (Paumgarten 41). This company is well managed but the present stock prices are expected to hike in the future.The company bears a wonderful and focused mission in its operation in the market. The excellent statement reads as follows. That, they stand to actively support organic farming, employing excellent procedures for promoting agriculture and safe guarding farm workers and the environment. They also apply methods of safe guarding the environment by advocating other sources of energy as well as recycling outputted wastes (Thompson 4). To add on that, it is the core mission of the company to support food banks, sponsor neighboring events as well as contributing at least 5% of the total net profits of non-profit organizations. The company has an outstanding vision statement quite different from many others in the world. The brief visionary statement reads; Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet. This implies that the institutions vision goes far beyond a mere food retailer (Fabricant 24). The success in fulfillment of the vision is determined by customer satisfaction, team member excellence and happiness, more profit returns, improved environment status and larger societal support. Let us now consider the wave the leadership of the organization has taken from its formation. This great company was started in the year 1980 with a capacity of 19 employees. It was founded in Austin, Texas by four business people who settled on making the natural foods industry a supermarket. The founders were John Mackey and Renee Lawson Hardy and their counterparts Craig Weller and Mark Skiles. The former were the owners of Safer Way Natural Foods and their counterparts owned Clarksville Natural Grocery. The organization picked so well and soon there was need for expansion (Mclaughlin, 30). The management of the business decided to divide the whole organization into many subsidiary companies. Each company had to play ma...

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