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Information Systems current event

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Information Systems current event

Information Systems current event

“5G and the Future of Mobile Networks” by Patrick Gray, in the Tech republic website. Dated 8thJuly, 2013 under Mobility.

This is the era of convergence. By “Convergence”, this paper refers to the assimilation of technologies, domain, and isolated IT systems. Basic of convergence lies in Digitization. The digitization of everything, which is the basis of convergence, is creating a better communications experience. The separating boundaries of various technologies, functions, and engineering practices, are dissolving. Therefore, our smart phones, home security system, car, office, and all the systems around us; will automatically interact with each other to plug our surroundings with our favorites and need to feel connected to anyone  and at anytime, across the globe  simply put the paradigm of ubiquitous computing.

Mobile and wireless communication trends have become rather popular in recent years due to the rapid revolution in the mobile technology. The revolution was brought about by a high-rise in telecoms users and the need to embrace new technological advancements in terms of phases, which have referred by generations. The mobile technology revolution generations are currently in their fifth phase that runs through from the first generation (1G) to the fifth generation (5).

The rise of the fourth generation of mobile networks, 4G, has offered insight into the birth of the fifth generation of mobile networks, 5G. In previous decades, text messaging was the backbone of the second generation of mobile networks, picture messaging the backbone of 3G networks and now, carrier-specific app stores and video calling characterize the fourth generation. While this revolution is rapid, most of the carrier-based services have been abandoned for mobile tools (apps) such as Face Time, Skype, iMessage, and WhatsApp, largely rendering carriers dormant. The 5G network is expected to center around handling a major increase in the number of gadgets more efficiently. For instance, rather than focus on video calling and it’s “value added services,” the focal point is now on low rollout/operating costs, lower battery use on the device, along with a more efficient use of limited radio spectrum.

5G networks are estimated to be a combination of network layers of different sizes, backhaul connections, broadcast powers, and different radio access technologies (RATs) accessible by an unmatched number of both smart and heterogeneous wireless gadgets. This architectural improvement along with the superior physical communications technology, for instance, high-order spatial multiplexing multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communications will offer higher comprehensive aptitude for more simultaneous users – higher rank spectral efficiency, compared to the 4G networks.

The assimilation of these standards requires the systematic and time-consuming process; a universal architecture is necessary, which offers a common platform for all the engineering practices to normalize the inter-connectivity concerns as well as share a knowledge base. The fifth generation of networks will ensue once the standardization by the responsible bodies takes place. The fifth generation will also have to consider a transformation of the existing market trends, which will not only allow for more access to developed features, but also it will factor into the legacy of the systems.

According to a research showing where mobile carriers are spending their resources, the network aspect of their business is becoming a cost-driven enterprise. Major mobile carriers are competitively active in advertising their advisory capacities as opposed to consumer-focused network products. Carriers have acknowledged and now shying away from the difficulties of competing with application providers such as Google, Facebook, and Apple among other companies centered on consumer services. Whereas lower deployment costs and efficient networks do not make exciting marketing, virtually omnipresent high-speed data with universal compatibility will be the groundwork for future mobile products and services.


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Information Systems current event Information Systems current event
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