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[Solved] We Are Legion – Story of the Hacktivists

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[Solved] We Are Legion – Story of the Hacktivists

In this paper, you are required to present a movie review of the documentary film “We Are Legion – Story of the Hacktivists”. You are supposed to watch the movie first and then apply your understanding in your movie review and present a clear report on the message of the movie and what do you understand from it.

The documentary film “We Are Legion – Story of the Hacktivists” explores on the history and activities of hacktivists. The film mainly explores on the activities and operations of the Anonymous which is a hacktivists group. The film also investigates other hactivist groups such as “Cult of the Dead Cow” and “Electronic Disturbance Theatre”.

Chaotic groups of hacktivists such as the Anonymous are not useful for democracy. Although the group claims to be advocating for internet democracy and human rights, the Anonymous are using the wrong approach to address their grievances. The group tends to create anarchy other than instilling internet democracy in their quest for freedom of information. The group is involved in shedding to light some of the ignored issues to the public spectrum. Their activities cannot be mistaken for democracy but rather criminal. Other than creating a platform for democracy, these hactivists pose a threat to the government through exposing delicate information to unwanted audience. From the documentary film, the Anonymous noted that one of their main aims is to provide free internet services. Services of the Anonymous aimed at providing free internet services are not required. It would be wanton to seek free internet services from a group of hacktivists. This is because it would make them the main internet service providers and would give them the mandate to control data flow on the internet. Free internet services should be provided by the respective genuine internet service providers other than a group of unpredictable hacktivists (We Are Legion, 2013).

As observed in the documentary film, Anonymous can be termed as valuable voices of opposition other than a group of mischief makers. Most of the Anonymous’ stunts are directed at exposing the negative side of the government as well as public and private institutions. Although their nature of seeking public attention is controversial, Anonymous aims at publicizing corruption and exposing bad governance. Their nature of operation may seem mischievous to many people but it’s their underlying strategy to gain public and government attention to disputed contentious issues. From the documentary, the Anonymous have low regard for morality or ethical considerations. They however use moral high-grounds in a bid to justify their actions. The Anonymous argue that their activities are meant to be of the overall good of the society. They also argue that the discomfort and inconveniences suffered by unintended people and the public are a necessary evil. They justify themselves through claiming that their activities result freedom of information and is beneficial to many people especially those who have no means of accessing it (We Are Legion, 2013).

Hackers are not different from terrorists as they are geared at creating mayhem and disrupting smooth operation for no apparent reason. Hackers interfere with smooth data flow in the internet. They can be classified as cyber terrorists since they maliciously attack target websites to cause havoc and to draw attention. From the activities of Anonymous describe in the film, they can be referred to as hackers other than human right activists.

The story about the Anonymous as seen in the film exhibits power of digital divide. This is where people with high computer skills and technical knowhow dominate. Their quest to proclaim democracy of information over the internet is unfounded. Their activities are guided by their superiority in technical skills. The issues that the Anonymous have shed light on are more terrifying than liberating. The group discloses very confidential and delicate information about the government which is terrifying (We Are Legion, 2013).


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