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Analysis of the Film Children of Heaven

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Analysis of the Film Children of Heaven

Analysis of the Film Children of Heaven

NO SUMMARY of the film is needed (or wanted). We want your analysis of the film on issues relating to planning, design, environment, culture, and/or society. Be sure to write a very succinct paper with intro, body, and conclusion. Spend time checking grammar, punctuation, run-on sentences, incomplete sentences, and spelling (see writing guidelines document in. Here`s a paper structure hint that you may find helpful: 1. Think of a position on a major issue you would like to analyze for the movie. 2. Think of 2-4 statements that support your position. 3. In your intro paragraph, clearly state your position (identified in #1) and briefly mention your supporting statements (#2). 4. Each paragraph after your intro should be dedicated to explaining ONE of your supporting statements. Use specific examples from the movie to provide further support and evidence. 5. Write a concluding paragraph that essentially wraps up your position, and ideally provides sheds sort of new light based on the arguments provided in the body of the paper. DO: • WRITE a paper with a clear structure, that has an introduction, body and conclusion. • THINK critically about the issues portrayed in the movies and read the supporting articles on Blackboard to get a better grip on issues. • CHECK the guidelines and the example papers posted on Blackboard`s Course Information tab to have a better idea of what a good paper looks like. • CITE your sources if you chose to use other information - Otherwise it will be considered as plagiarism • BECOME FAMILIAR with the term "Urban Planning" if you need to. • USE proper language, grammar and punctuation, if you are unsure about your writing skills use the resources available at ASU, such as the Writing Center. • PROOF-READ and use spell check. • CONTACT us with any questions or concerns. DON`T: • DON`T use 1st person or statements that refer to your personal opinion, for example: "I think", "I believe", "I noticed", "In my opinion", etc. This is an analysis paper of issues portrayed in the films, NOT your personal opinion of the movie • DON`T use 2nd person statements, for example: "YOU have to", "When YOU see..." or anything containing the word "YOU" / "YOUR". These kind of statements make your papers sound informal and less than academic. • DON`T summarize the films, we`ve all seen them, get straight to the issues analysis part. • DON`T review the films, that is not the purpose of the paper. • DON`T use contractions (he`s, it`s, didn`t, etc.) Spell it out (he is, it is, did not, etc) • DON`T stretch your papers with unusual letter fonts, spacing or plain rambling. We will discount points for any of these things
Student`s name Instructor`s name Course title Submission date Analysis of the Film Children of Heaven The film Children of Heaven is an Iranian adventure cum comedy that was released in 1997. Although Iran is a leading exporter of oil, the main characters in the movie show how most Iranians have to struggle to make ends meet. The country earns many petrodollars but the money is not equitably distributed to the masses. There are a few rich people in the country while the majorities are paupers. Although Ali and Zahra are children, they know the kind of problems that their parents face. They have even devised ways of communicating without the knowledge of their parents. The film shows the extent of poverty in the country through the eyes of the main and even the minor characters. Poverty is rampant in a country that boasts to be a leading producer of petroleum. This can be attributed to the fact that Ali`s parents are unable to pay their debts. The family of Ali and Zahra owe the grocer and the property owner money and they are unable to pay despite repeated reminders. In addition, Ali`s mother still wants his son to go back to the grocery and pick some commodities, which will be paid later. Moreover, it is evident that if the family ...

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Analysis of the Film Children of Heaven Analysis of the Film Children of Heaven
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