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[Solved] Use of Computers and Internet in Teaching and Learning

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[Solved] Use of Computers and Internet in Teaching and Learning

In this paper, you are asked to provide a report on the use of Computers and Internet in Teaching and Learning. You are allowed to use authentic sources to support your report and provide appropriate references list. Sum up your report with a brief conclusion and agree or disagree with the adoption of Computer and Internet in Teaching and Learning.

Currently, tutors and professors are drifting away from use of textbooks in their teaching practices to use of computers. On the other hand, students are also slowly adapting to use of computerized gadgets to study. This has been observed in the philosophy of education as further widening the gap between traditional education system and the progressive education. Use of the internet and computers is a great step in changing the manner of education mode of practice. However, the ideal concept of education has not been compromised through adoption of computer and internet technology in the current education system (Erneling, 2010). This shows the reason why use of computer technology in learning and teaching should be encouraged in modern day education philosophy (Ravitz, Wong, & Becker, 2014).

According to Dewey (1997), the sources of information and skills contributing to the subject matter of education cannot be compromised with adoption of newer modes of delivery. These forms the underlying concepts of education philosophy and are transmitted from successive generations. As long as the rules for education are observed adoption of new modes would not make education philosophy unfounded. I hence support integration of computer technology in the learning system.

With the adoption of latest computing technology in education system, students are able to use their own personal computers in complementing their teacher’s lesson. Computers have been intercepted in the learning process where teachers and students view them as a problem solving tool. Use of computers in classrooms do not ideally change the concept of education but facilitates the learning process. Computers facilitate centralization of reading materials and provide a means of easily accessing these materials. The internet on the other hand ensures ready availability learning resources for students. With the current computing technology, student no longer have to search information from physical libraries as they are able to access the same from the internet. The teachers are bestowed with the responsibility of integrating this new technology in the ongoing education curriculum. Every student should be presented with equal access these technological gadgets in the class for equity in the learning process. Adoption of this mode of learning and teaching would ensure more efficiency to education practice hence enhancing the philosophy of education (Larson, 2014).

Education has been made easier through integration of this new technology in the education system. This system also offers an equal chance for education to people who may not make it to attend class sessions (Erneling, 2010). This ideally improves the approach to the education system and complements the education philosophy. It should therefore be encouraged in the education system and supported with the necessary tools of operation. Although adoption of new computing and internet technology is observed as advancement in the education system, it may at some point contravene the very education philosophies it should operate within. Based on the ancient education philosophy, education was observed to be dogmatic and the degree of freedom was minimized. This construct was observed with the traditional education system which reacted negatively to the idea of freedom in education. With use of computers and internet in the learning process the leaner freedom is enhanced as opposed to the traditional education system. This contravenes the concept through which the philosophy of education was founded hence posing a challenge to this system of education.  Use of computers and the internet makes the learners free to access learning materials ahead of their teachers. This is observed as modification to education philosophy where the teacher is expected to control the learning process of the students (William, 2002).

Ravitz, Wong, & Becker (2014) indicate that teachers should be equipped with proper knowledge to enable them control negative effects on education philosophy resultant from adoption of new technology in the learning system. Teachers are the key facilitators of use of internet and computers in the current education system. They should hence be equipped with relevant knowledge about the education philosophies and foundation of education. Use of computers and the internet in the learning system should be evaluated as tools of enhancing learning as well as tools that may modify the basic principles of education. This would serve in making all stakeholders aware of ills that may be realized if adoption of the technology in education is not effectively monitored. However, the probable negativities that may be accrued from this mode of education are exceeded by the benefits. Noddings (2012) notes that adoption of new modes of learning and teaching in education curriculums enhances improvement of basic teaching and learning skills.


            I totally agree with adoption of computer and internet in teaching and learning process has been observed as effective improvement in education program. According to Dewey (1997), education is not opposed to growth and development. The author further notes that grow in education should not comprise the basic principles of education founded in the education philosophy.  It is therefore observed that use of computer and internet in education program is an important achievement but caution should be taken to avoid diversion from education philosophies.

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[Solved] Use of Computers and Internet in Teaching and Learning [Solved] Use of Computers and Internet in Teaching and Learning
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