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U.S. Universal Health Care System

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U.S. Universal Health Care System

The universal system of health care in America has raised concern among the citizens and various government stakeholders. The care system is expected to raise the coverage of the sick people to 10 million through the recently launched Obama care system. The new health system is expected to trim down the amount of medical spending among the U.S. citizens. Health care spending has been a great problem among the low income earners in the country till the inception of this health system. Most low income earners in U.S. lack funds to subscribe for health insurance services to cater for their medical costs. It’s through this care system that most Americans can gain access to affordable medical care.  Most of 45 million Americans do not have a medical insurance cover. This means that most Americans have to meet the full expense of health care whenever they seek medical services. Inception of a universal health system is likely to reduce overall health spending in the country. This change is notable with the system’s pilot program that is already in service (Krugman, 2013).

According to Sherrow (2009), full institution of this universal system of health care, the U.S. is likely to eliminate inefficiencies that lead to wastage such as duplication paperwork, approval of claims and tendering of insurance covers among others. The contemporary health care system in America requires one to provide his or her medical history every time they seek medical services. The system also requires one to fill in and submit extensive insurance for every time he or she seek medical services. This leads tom extensive generation of medical overhead costs. The process of medical insurance verification is also lengthy with the responsible health officials going through the health insurance forms every time a person seeks medical attention. The new universal system eliminates these hurdles of record duplication…”

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U.S. Universal Health Care System U.S. Universal Health Care System
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