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Spiritual Care Healing in Modern Nursng

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Spiritual Care Healing in Modern Nursng

Spiritual Care Healing in Modern Nursng

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Healing in Modern Nursing Name Institution Course Date Healing in Modern Nursing The earlier parts of this paper have looked at the healing concept as it is perceived from the spiritual perspective. Well, it is the absence of disease or a negative aspect in the life of an individual. There is also another perspective of healing as it applies in the modern nursing where health can be defined as the absence of disease, or being free from any form of pain. This means that the healing process is aimed at ensuring that the people recover the wholeness of their bodies, mind or emotions. All the researches that have been covered in this study so far have it that the methods applied as curative measures are aimed at eliminating any form of pain from the people or any kind of a condition that is described as out of the ordinary. This further asserts the definition of health, indicating that it is a situation where the body is in its wholesomeness. This is mainly because health is a basic factor in the lives of people. There are definite ways of measuring the physical healing. However, spiritual healing is not as easy to assess. As such, even as this paper seeks to identify the various ways through which spiritual healing occurs there is the need for an assessment tool. The FICA tool as suggested by Bonemann et all (2010) has this in perspective. The tool looks at the faith of an individual which are the beliefs and meaning that one attaches to the healing. The importance of this belief is also considered, as well as the community in which the individual lives. It looks at whether the community is supportive of the individual`s beliefs. Lastly, the tool looks at how the individual feels that care providers can integrate his beliefs into the healing procedures. With this in mind, it is important to look at the various healing methods that can be used by the nursing professiona...

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Spiritual Care Healing in Modern Nursng Spiritual Care Healing in Modern Nursng
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