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Terrorist Propaganda

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Terrorist Propaganda

Terrorist Propaganda

Review the following statement and overview of Al- Qaeda`s philosophy. Write a short paper (5 pages double spaced) that identifies any or all of the important propaganda themes: Guilt Transfer, Spurious Justification, Invulnerability, Defensive Jihad, and Disarming Themes (you are expected to research these terms). Correctly cite any/all references (in APA format) used beyond the source listed below. Papers will be checked for plagiarism, as this is taken very seriously(Turnitin etc…). (Original Source: MIPT “Terrorism Knowledge Base.”) Statement and Overview of al-Qaeda`s Philosophy “Osama bin Laden encourages each Muslim to take it upon them self to fight what it perceives as attacks on Muslims across the world. The group aims to overthrow `un-Islamic regimes` that they believe oppress their Muslim citizens and replace them with genuine Islamic governments, to expel U.S. soldiers and Western influences from the holy territories of the Gulf and Iraq, and to capture Jerusalem as a Muslim city. Al-Qaeda allies with and supports terrorist groups throughout the world that further these goals. Al-Qaeda supports these groups in two ways, both by training group members in its camps and by sending its own members to help these groups in their struggles around the world. Training for its own members and for members of allied groups has focused on insurgent warfare in addition to the classic ‘terrorist` techniques that are usually associated with the group. Some experts even believe that the ratio of insurgent fighters to terrorists in al-Qaeda`s camps may be 15 to 1. American military officials have described the majority of those training in al Qaeda`s camps as ‘irregular ground combatants.` Fighters such as these engaged U.S. troops at Shai-e-Kowt and Tora Bora in Afghanistan. Throughout the 90s, al-Qaeda provided its affiliated groups with financing and training primarily through its bases in Sudan and Afghanistan. Some 10,000 recruits are thought to have passed through the training camps there. Bin Laden`s and al-Qaeda`s hatred of the United States fits into this strategy of defensive jihad. Support for al-Qaeda throughout the Muslim world has been garnered by the portrayal of the United States as a direct threat to and enemy of Islam. Under this view, the United States is engaged in attacks on Muslims through its stationing of troops in holy Muslim territories of the Gulf and Iraq, its support of Israel, India, Russia and the Philippines, and its invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.”
Terrorist propagandaStudent`s name:Tutor:Course name:Date:Terrorist propagandaAl-Qaida is portrayed as a group organized and coordinated by terrorists. It is earlier leader Osama bin laden was killed on 1stMay 2011by American soldiers. It is considered as an essential trend within the broader Islamist movement, running its terrorist actions as a world Islamist jihad against the west civilization. Several warnings have been released by the CIA which regards AL Qaeda as a security threat (Hoekstra, 2006).When the al-Qaida group goes to war it is not because of money, riches or land but it is because they want to show the world the security of the Islam. Moreover, at times the al-Qaida launches attacks not because of revenge or defense but to threaten the western world.Jihad is perceived by the western nations as well as people as a brutal and this is imparted to the masses using the media and by the politicians. The jihad defends itself that the western media exaggerates their brutality. They assert that the al-Qaida would engage in jihad, and employ war as the last choice when diplomacy fails in order to liberate its societies from oppression (Hamza, 2005).In addition, jihads operate in groups which make it difficult for an enemy to attack them. They have high technology tools and powerful weapons that they import from friends and Muslim nations that believe in jihad. Small groups of jihads use grenades to attack enemies while advanced groups use bombs and machine guns. Iraq hosts a high number of al-Qaida group (Al-Saidat & Al-Khawalda, 2012).Iraq is a country that has undergone persistent wars and its residents leave in fear and poverty. Therefore, due to the protection and food that al-Qaida provides, many of its citizens are always willing to join it.There have been various studies about fighting and war, and the assumption derived after the studies are the same. H...

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Terrorist Propaganda Terrorist Propaganda
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