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Stereotypical Aspect of Undocumented Immigrants

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Stereotypical Aspect of Undocumented Immigrants

Stereotypical Aspect of Undocumented Immigrants

For my proposal I would like to put research into the stereotypical aspect of undocumented immigrants and how the media views them in the United States. -I am going to upload an outline you can follow to make it easier for you but I want you to primarily focus on the stereotypical aspect of the undocumented immigrants. The outline will have some sources you can use for the paper. - I need one of the sources you find to be a book source please that is a MUST. I will also upload my proposal I wrote for my paper which can help you understand what I want the paper to be about. Also do not use the word "illegals" or "aliens" to classify the latino people instead use "undocumented immigrants". THANK YOU!
Stereotype Aspects of Undocumented ImmigrantsMajority of undocumented immigrants in United States come from Mexico as well as across the border. Actually, a study carried out by Pew Hispanic Research Center indicated that undocumented immigrants from Mexico have reduced. For instance, in 2007 there were approximately 7 million immigrants living in America. In 2010, the number declined further to 6.5 million representing 58% of the total population in United States. The decline may be due to several aspects such as increased border enforcement, an increase in deportation, destabilized American job and construction sectors, increasing risks related to the illicit border crossing and wider Mexican economic issues (Borjas, Grogger, and Gordon, 255-282). A number of unauthorized immigrants enter U.S.A unlawfully as others with permission, however they extend the accepted days indicated on their visas. There are several ways that immigrants use to enter United States. The most common approach is use of man made boats or tubes from other nations. This approach is widely used by immigrants from Caribbean. Others from South America fly to Mexico; in this case they seek illegal assistance of smugglers to help them illegitimately cross the boarder. Immigrants also cram into ships, boxcars or trucks to enter United States. In most cases, they pay off corrupt officials to get access to a particular country. A lot of them end up getting to their designated countries and regularly this may entail risking their life. However, execution of security measures and technological advancement it is even intricate to cross the boundary and evade detection. In some instances, Hispanic immigrants severally attempt before they effectively crossing the boundary.Undocumented immigrants find way into the US in two distinctive ways: about sixty percent cross the border illegally, while the remaining forty percent overstay a legitimate visa. Whereas the Border Patrol is under obligation to p...

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Stereotypical Aspect of Undocumented Immigrants Stereotypical Aspect of Undocumented Immigrants
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