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Social Status and Roles

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Social Status and Roles

Social Status and Roles

List five statuses that you hold (this is your status set)
By each status tell me if the status is ascribed (born with or gotten without your control) or achieved (something worked for or gained).
Under each status list five roles (expected behaviors).
Tell me which status from your list is your master status (most important one in your life right now)
Tell me which status stresses you out the most (role strain)
Tell me which two or more statuses give you the most trouble (role conflict)

Social Status and Roles

“Status,” is simply defined as a position in a social structure, such as child, adult, or parent. It refers to what a person is, while the narrowly linked concept of role refers to the behavior expected of individuals in a status. A status set on the other hand refers to a compilation of social statuses held by an individual. The following is my status set include son, student, worker, voter, and a citizen. My status as a ‘Son’ to my parents and a ‘Citizen’ of my country are ascribed, while my status as a ‘Student’, ‘voter’, and part-time ‘Worker’ I have attained/achieved by subscription.

In order to give purpose to life, we create social structures that offer us cues for how to conduct ourselves as one of the ways. For instance, as a ‘Son’, I am trained and prepared to assist my father in leading the family and be ready to provide for the family in case of my father’s temporary or permanent absence. Other roles include: helping in daily chore, protecting my siblings, carrying-on the family name, and being respectful to my parents. As a ‘Student’ I am expected to study and perform well, dress appropriately, behave responsibly, be a good role-model for my juniors and obedient to my teachers. As a ‘worker’, my duties include selling company products, preparing sales reports, providing guidance to my sales team, assuming losses and profits for my team, as well as attain company sales targets. As a voter, my role includes: upholding democracy, participating in both local and national voting events, holding my elected candidate responsible for his performance, outlining issues of interest in my region and maintain peace during political activities. As a ‘Citizen’, my role includes being patriotic, upholding national values, protecting my nation, maintain peace, and define problems to the government of the day.

Presently, my status as a student is the most important. On the other hand, my role as a voter is a daunting one owing to the fact that I have understand the constitution and exercise my democratic right to keep up with the politics and vote. Being a student and worker simultaneously, is a troubling position and am often left without any time in m

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Social Status and Roles Social Status and Roles
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