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research paper must be nine pages long, worksited page must be the tenth page with 12 sources, cited page need to be in alpbetical order and documented.sources of Imformation: media,books,journals,internet(2 only)and documentaries. Also need additional page for outline, `thesis" one or two sentence, five subdivision # in roman numerals. example. " I,a,b,c" "II, a,b,c" "III,a,b,c,1,2" "IV,a,b,c,d" "V,a,1,2,3 b,1,2,c,d". need out line in two days. style MLA, double space and title in caps. 1-page outline must be provided in 48 hours. Number page as Donalson i, same for research donalson i, etc. at the top right and corner of each page. workcited page has to be page 10, number at top right hand corner as Donalson iiiiiiiiii If you have any questions, message me asap and I will explain the details.
Name:University:Course:Tutor:Date:CancerIntroduction Cancer is uncontrolled growth of a group of cells which invade and destroy adjacent tissues, and can move to other parts of the body. The abnormal cells are called malignant cells, cancer cells or tumor cells. There are more than a hundred types of cancer and their classification is based on the type of cell that was attacked initially. Uncontrollable division of damaged cells harms the body when lumps or masses of tissues (tumors) are formed (Anand et al 2097). Tumors affect the normal systems of the body such as circulatory, digestive and nervous systems, and produces hormones which alter normal body function. Benign tumors are ones which demonstrate limited movement and growth. Malignant tumors are the most dangerous and they form when the following happens: cancer cells move across the body through the blood or lymph systems and destroy healthy tissue; and when a cell divides and forms blood vessels and feeds itself through a process known angiogenesis (Kuper et al 460). A tumor can move successfully to different parts of the body and grow, invade and destroy tissues which are healthy. The tumor will be said to have metasized. This document will critically evaluate the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer. This paper will explore the subject matter of cancer, with a close attention levied to malignant tumors Symptoms and signsSymptoms of cancer are different and they depend on the location of cancer, the size of the tumor and where it has spread. It is possible to see or feel cancer through the skin. For instance a lump on the testicle or breast may be a sign of cancer in these areas. It is possible to note skin cancer (melanoma) when a wart or a mole located on the skin changes. In addition, Kinzler (134) says that some forms of oral cancers can make the tongue to have white spots or have white patches in the inside sections of the mouth. Symptoms of brain tumor tend to occur during the early stages of the disease since crucial cognitive functions will be affected. Cancer of the pancreas is often small for the symptoms to be realized early. It is only realized when pain is felt after squeezing the nerves which are close or affects the functions of the liver. This can make the eyes and skin to turn yellow, a condition known as jaundice. Moreover, as the tumor continues to grow, symptoms start to appear since body organs and blood vessels will be pushed by the tumor. For instance, symptoms relating to the cancer of the colon include diarrhea, constipation and changes in the size of stool (Mucci 480). Prostate or bladder cancer can affect the functions of bladder by causing frequent or infrequent urination. Symptoms which can occur include excessive sweating, fast weight loss, fever, fatigue and anemia.Brenner et al (470) say that these symptoms are also common in other types of problems. For instance, hoarseness and coughing may indicate throat or lung cancer, or a...

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