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[Solved] Risk management in Preventing Accidents

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[Solved] Risk management in Preventing Accidents

Risk management in Preventing Accidents


Review the “Swiss cheese model” of accident causation by James Reason. In addition, you may access the article online (see reading material). Reflect on the “Swiss cheese model” and evaluate the role of risk management in preventing accidents. Explain the implications of accidents on organizational performance. Include at least three academic references, of which one must be peer-reviewed from an academic journal http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1117770/


Risk Management in Preventing Accidents Name Course number Instructor’s name Date The Swiss cheese model is hinged upon the premise that every stage in a system or process has inherent weaknesses; that if left unchecked can result into disaster. The model likens the processes or system with a stack of cheese slices with holes. The holes symbolize weaknesses such as human errors and weaknesses in the management systems. If an error occurs at any of the stages, it goes through the hole and it is only stopped or blocked if the next slice has no corresponding opening or hole. It means that each slice is a shield against further failure, and it is an opportunity to avoid an error. It is however clear that each stage has potential for failure, and if the holes are aligned, failure becomes inevitable. The model is a description of factors that combine to make an organizational accident. It recognizes that many parts of the organizations have a part t


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[Solved] Risk management in Preventing Accidents [Solved] Risk management in Preventing Accidents
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