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Reaction Time

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Reaction Time

Reaction Time

I need an outline of a research paper. Paper needs to include: Introduction -General Issues -List Support & Refute -Specific Hypothesis Method -Participants -Material/Apparatus -Procedure Result -Descriptive -Inferential Discussion -Abstract Sources that need to be used can be found at http://www.delicous.com/gmvsgrov/rt SEARCH:Reaction Time Test I`m attaching 2 papers one explains the participants for the experiment and the other explains the Procedure.
Running Head: REACTION TIMEReaction TimeName:Institution:Course:Date: Reaction TimeIntroductionReaction time is form of an experiment applied by psychologists since the nineteenth century. There are basically three types of reaction time experiments (Luce, 1986; Welford, 1980).there is the simple time experiment which involves a single stimulus and a single response. There is also the recognition time reaction experiment where there are instances of stimuli that are meant to be acted upon or responded to otherwise the memory set, while similarly there are others that receive no response, otherwise known as the destructor set. Finally there is the choice reaction time experiment which is an instance where the client is supposed to issue a reaction or otherwise a response to the stimulus, it is however not used in the reaction time experiment as it involves just pressing a spacebar.There are some general factors that influence the reaction time; arousal which is also known as the state of attention, with an intermediate level of arousal the reaction time is fast while it deteriorates on relaxation of the client (Welford, 1980). Etnyre (2002) observed that participants that react to auditory stimulus by extending their legs possessed a quicker reaction time only if they contracted their leg muscles 3 seconds before the stimulus. The precontraction time of reaction was far shorter even with the muscle contraction; it was as if the contraction made the brain to work even faster; similarly observed by Masanobu and Choshi (2006); it was observed that the muscular tension, which was 10% of the optimum level, experienced a less lengthy precondition reaction time of a preferable time asked. Also observed was that the tension in the muscles made the brain to work much quicker, but never affected the time of motion. It consequently was observed that the practice improved the time of reaction by elevating the arousal.In the experiment there were 14 females and 4 males all of them ranging in the age bracket of 17-25; giving an average age of 20.89. Moreover, the participants had special attributes, 17 of them were right handed whi...

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Reaction Time Reaction Time
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