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Data Warehousing

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Data Warehousing

1) Executive Summary on [Data Warehousing or DSS topic] 
a) [Your executive summary will eventually be developed into a one page summary of the key points about your information technology process described in your paper. So, list some of the key points about your system as your sub-headings here.]
b) etc…
c) etc…
2) What is the [Topic]
a) [This section will describe the purpose of the process, the steps, it objectives, why does it exist, .]
b) etc….
3) People – Who is impacted by the topic? Who are the users? Who is the audience?
a) [This section describes the roles, responsibilities, departments, and organizational interactions of the process]

  1. b) etc…

4) Business Context – What is the purpose of the topic? Why does it exist?
a) [The business context of the process topic how the process supports business operations and further delves into the purpose of the process. This section also address the value of the process to IT and the business and success measures used to ensure value and effectiveness. Does the process make an organization more efficient? How else does it help the organization?  ]
b) etc….
5) Challenges/Benefits
a) [What are the issues? What are the benefits? Where is the value?]
b) etc….
6) Technology- Technology used in your topic?
a) [This section addresses common technology used for your topic. This could include databases, BI tools, modeling tools, hardware, other software]

  1. b) etc…

7) Conclusion
a) [Finally, summarize the key points of your paper]
b) etc…

sample Conclusion


From the discussions, data-warehousing technology has improved business processes, service delivery and brought about greater customer satisfaction. In the next few years, the growth of the technology will be enormous with new technologies and products frequently emerging. In order get the best out of this period; it is indispensable that data warehouse developers and planners know what they want the data warehouses to achieve and come up with strategies and methods that will provide them with today’s performance and the flexibility for tomorrow.

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Data Warehousing Data Warehousing
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