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Border conflict between China and Japan

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Border conflict between China and Japan

Border conflict between China and Japan

I will send you the information and mini-essay what I wrote already and combine them together. Also I need you help me to add some more information about the Diaoyutai Islands and why their relationships have become worse through the history. Think You!! Also, I don`t really understand what`s mean "NUMBER OF SOURCES". I don`t know how many I need.
A RAY OF HOPE FOR CHINA-JAPAN RELATIONSIntroduction:The relationship of China and Japan, being very close neighbors, has been through many highs and lows for several centuries. They have a lot of similarities and common ground to agree on. Accordingly, the only geographical body separating the two countries is a small stretch of the Pacific Ocean, hence, the constant communication and trade between them. Culturally speaking, China, similar to its influence in most Eastern Asian countries has also heavily influenced Japan in terms of culture, writing technique, architecture, and some aspects of religion and philosophy. However, ever since the emergence of a modernized Japan, possible through Western guidance and support, it has looked down on China. China, on the other hand, from being a formerly great civilization became weakened from corruption, the Opium Wars and other invasions by European countries during the 1800`s. During the years 1894 and 1945, there has been several conflicts between the two countries, where Japan`s constant invasions of China and China`s allies such as Korea erupted into war. Due to these conflicts and disagreements, over a lot of issues during this previous century, the relationship between the two countries seems to continually worsen and may even erupt to war. It did actually result to war quite a few times, such as the First Sino- Japanese War from 1894 to 1895 over Japan`s attempts to invade Korea, China`s foremost ally. The Second Sino-Japanese war which lasted from 1937-1945, being a part of World War II where Japan, due to its imperialist policy of dominating Asia, attempted to invade China and secure its vast territory and natural resources for economic and political gain. China, aided by the Allied powers attempted to fight Japan. This resulted to numerous war crimes committed by the Japanese Imperial Army against China and its people, and has strained relations further.Since both countries have many economic and trade relations between each other, they have formed an uneasy and mutual relationship. Accordingly, the two economic giants, China and Japan, are currently the world`s second and third biggest economies respectively. Due to this profitable partnership, in 2008, China-Japan trade amounted to $266.4 billion, with a significant increase of 12.5 percent from 2007. This makes Japan`s top trade partner, whereas China has since, 2009, become Japan`s biggest destination for its market exports. The latest problem between the two countries which has plagued them for fifty years is the border conflict regarding the Diaoyutai or Senkaku Islands. The issue at hand is who owns or has sovereignty over the islands, which is full of natural resources needed by both the countries for their own economic development. So what are these islands and their significance for China-Japan relations?Historical Background of the ConflictThe Diaotutai, for the Chinese, the Senkaku for the Japanese, and known as the Pinnacle isla...

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Border conflict between China and Japan Border conflict between China and Japan
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