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[Solved]Project Management Evaluation Tool

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[Solved]Project Management Evaluation Tool

Project Management Evaluation Tool

Need to have project management knowledge (evaluation tool).the work includes two parts: 

Part1(1 page): 

Earned Value can be an evaluation tool that answers the Project Management question – “What did we get for the costs we incurred?” The true answer to this question, however, depends on the accuracy of the data that can be collected from the project’s past performance.What if this data didn’t exist? What if the project did not have a cost baseline or track the true percentage of work completed (The lack of this information is actually common in many projects). 

For first part: Describe how – given the scenario above – you might answer the same Project Management question – What did we get for the costs we incurred?” What evaluation tools might you use? What metrics? “”main idea is to talk about the tool you selected and how it would apply “”” **** **I will also provide some sample for you to understand what you can include in the work, do not use or paraphrase any sentences, do not write similar to the sample.have your own thought “”do not include cost-benefit analysis which mentioned in the work to the work, others are fine ** **use from first person point of view like I think, I believe….. **express your own thought and give idea. 

Part 2 (1 page): 

please make response to person1, person 2, person3’s idea, * please Use from first person point of view such as I think, in my opinion, I agree…. **do not reply them too negatively or aggressively. three response should have different ideas **need to have new opinion:/thought/ideas **divides the words in three parts equally, each part around 90 words. do not have one response that is too short thanks. **************not saying what their writing is, is writing about on their ideas for the topic. do not just agree or disagree must add new ideas *if you agree or disagree just use one sentence or couple words, focus on new ideas

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[Solved]Project Management Evaluation Tool [Solved]Project Management Evaluation Tool
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