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Movie: `42`

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Movie: `42`

Movie: `42`

no grammar mistakes, movie - "42"
Movie Review ‘42`Name:Institution: Ever since television became a global campfire, there have been many great films that have hit the screens. Jackie Robinson, one of the legendary baseball players, is the main theme in the film ‘42`. In this film, the player is illustrated to be the first African-American to cross the baseball`s color line, since the year 1880. Brian Helgeland the play writer wrote this film, based on a true story, to celebrate the life of a world class baseball player. It is for this reason that the film is named after the number of the jersey worn by Robinson, when he first joined the Brooklyn Dodge club, back in the year 1947.Although the film is based on a great story line, the...

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Movie: `42` Movie: `42`
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