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[Solved] Inmate Abuse in Prisons

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[Solved] Inmate Abuse in Prisons

Inmate Abuse in Prisons

I am addressing the criminal justice issue of INMATE ABUSE IN PRISONS. I need to propose a vialbe solution to the issue (this is the thesis statment) I need to present 4 concise arguments that support the thesis statment The rest of the paper will consist of detailed descriptions of my supporting arguments, which will help to prove and defend the claim made in the thesis statment. Need to have 13 resources and a minimum of 15 in-text citations APA Style 6th Edition Cover Page and full reference page with 13 resources. Double spaced Bold and Centered Sub-headings to seperate topics Arial 12 pt Font MUST BE WRITTEN IN 3rd PERSON
Inmate Abuse in PrisonsName:Course:Institution:Instructor:Date: Inmate Abuse in Prisons Introduction It is real, it is here, and it is a concern. This is the case of most of the US prisons, where their fellow inmates and staff of the prisons have subjected inmates to much suffering and abuses. The US has one of the most blotted prison inmates, with an estimated 2 million people being in prison, probation or punished by other means. The rising number of cases of abuse of inmates in US prisons is a major concern in this age, where human rights of the prisoners are abused each day. There have been increased numbers of reported inmate abuses in the US. This ranges from the rape cases, sexual assault, negligence, and other abuses. This reality has been ignored for long by the free world, thus its spread across the years (Fox, 2000). This setting has created a worse case for the offenders convicted for jail terms. This is because they get to experience more than their conviction was. The prisoners are severely punished in the prisons, and their rights suppressed left, right, and centre. Indeed, many of the prison inmates, who are successful to come out alive, have their story to tell. The experiences that inmates face within the prison gates are unbelievable yet real. They include the sexual assaults, sodomy, bullying, verbal abuses, and the list is goes on and on. These abuses are not justifiable by any standard, thus the need to solve this issue. This thesis paper suggests a solution to stop the abuses faced by inmates in US prisons (Mariner, 2001).Thesis Statement The solution to inmate abuse is in US prison lies in training the staff and inmates on the costs and consequences of abusing inmates. Inmate abuse in prisons would be stopped when the prison officials and violent inmates are trained on the need negative consequences of abusing inmates, and the need to restrain from the same. Thesis Arguments Training is critical in dealing in with the problem of inmate abuse in prisons. This is because of its impact in shaping the mindset and psychology of those who are potentially prone to abusing the inmates in prison. No one can doubt the power of effective training in shaping people`s mindsets. The shaming situation in US prisons desperately needs an intense training program, which would specifically deal with the issue of increased inmate abuse in prisons. There is need for a comprehensive training program, which would address the case of inmate abuse in the prisons (Couture, 2001). Training is a key solution to the problem of inmate abuse. First, because the inmate abuse in US prisons is mainly a mindset/psychological problem. The abuses subjected to the inmates in prison is mainly caused by the mindset among the people responsible that prisoners have no values, they are not humans, and do not deserve dignity. Most of the abuses that are inflicted to the prisoners reflect the absence of value of the prisoners as human beings, who deserve respect an...

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[Solved] Inmate Abuse in Prisons [Solved] Inmate Abuse in Prisons
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