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In group article

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In group article

In group article

You need to write about Islam, from a magazime but to not copy the sample article topics, just follow it as a guideline. you can use the following article to write the paper - http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,175987,00.html PART I: Choose an Article • Choose a short article written for a specific in-group of which you are a member. Some ideas: o sub-cultural magazines such as those focusing on skateboarding, tattoos, or punk o publications geared specifically towards one religion or ethnicity o age-specific articles or articles written for students, parents, or residents of a certain geographic region or city. o NOTE: Introductory or “101” articles are not acceptable for this assignment as they are generally written for new members or people outside this group. • List the following: o What is the title of the publication (or site) where you found this article? o Who is the in-group audience? (Briefly give evidence, for example the title of a magazine like Skiing is evidence that the audience are skiers.) o How do you qualify as a member of this group? • Give a complete citation for the article you have chosen and attach it here. PART II: Analyze the Article Carefully read and take notes on the article. Analyze it for cultural references, vocabulary, and assumptions that are specific to this group and that someone outside the group wouldn`t fully understand, giving SPECIFIC EXAMPLES as evidence from the text. Be sure to consider the rhetorical situation, the format, and the references (if any) as we have done in previous analyses. Include a word count at the end. 150 words minimum for these notes. ---------------------------- PART III: Write the Essay • The introduction should identify the article by title, author, and publication; label the in-group and (if unclear) provide some evidence for that label; and briefly present your “credentials” as a member of that group. Your thesis should list the points you will highlight in the order you will discuss them. For example, “The vocabulary, references, and assumptions in this article make it difficult for a non-member of [name the in-group] to fully understand the points presented.” • You may use sub-headings to help organize your paper if you choose to, but this is not required. • Be sure to discuss cultural references, vocabulary, and assumptions that are specific to this group and that someone outside the group wouldn`t fully understand, but some sections may be longer than others depending on how many similarities and differences there are. Focus on what you find to be most significant. • Each body paragraph should be about the same length, and no body paragraph should be longer than a page. • Avoid summarizing the content of the article. Focus on the analysis from Part II instead. Include specific examples from the texts ONLY as needed in answering the questions. • This paper should not include personal experience EXCEPT as it contributes to your status as a member and “expert informant” for this in-group. • Your conclusion should reiterate what you found most significant, but shouldn`t repeat your points word for word. You may make a personal connection here if you choose, giving your opinion about this publication or this article. S • Word choice and sentence structure should be formal and academic. Include a complete citation for this article and any other works you discuss in a style manual of your choice Include a word count at the end. 500 words minimum.
Islam ReligionName:Professor:Unit:Date of submission:Analysis of the article.The article ,The True, Peaceful Face of Islam was written and published by Karen Amstrong on 23rd September 2001 in the Time Magazine World. The article describes Islam as a religion that is growing at a fast rate and that even though assciated with attacks and wars, they are not what they are deemed to be. It describes Islam as a religion of choice and not imposed by any force of any kind. The article attempts to explain the origin of the Islamic religion from its source in the late years up to now and how far it has come and its rate of growth . The article helps non believers of Islam understand how Islam believe what we believe and has extracts to support what we sometimes do which may be considered as not right. The vocabulary, cultural references, and assumptions in this article can make it difficult for a non-member of the Islam community to completely comprehend all the information presented. Vocabulary.Through the use of vocabulary in this article clearly indicates that the article is meant for the muslims only. Words like ‘Muhammed`, who is said to have brought the inspired scripture in our religion, cannot be understood by anyone who i...

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In group article In group article
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