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Michael Sandel What MoneyCan’t Buy

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Michael Sandel What MoneyCan’t Buy

Michael Sandel in his book What MoneyCan’t Buy: the Moral Limits of Markets argues that can be used to buy almost anything in today’s world. He further argues that what money can buy legally can be possibly acquired through bribe. Sandel’s argument is difficult to oppose since society have commercialized almost every to an extent of undermining ourselves and injuring our relations with each other. Vices such as corruption and bribery are common phenomena today. The author narrows down to America where he lists some of the privileges one can acquire with money. Such include the right to hunt an endangered species, acquiring better medical care from a public care facility as well as privileged services in a prison among many others. The author is against this form of corruption where money can purchase virtually anything in the world. Sandel argues that things which were traditionally priceless have been tagged a price in the current world to an extent of pervasive corruption.

Sandel argues that the extent of commercialization of everything in today’s society reveals how corruption is deeply entrenched. The author is calculative in his analysis and highlights the most extreme circumstances where money is used for personal gains. The author also provides his insights for the future where he worries that money will be used to pay for heinous crimes. From Sandel’s point of view, goods and services are allocated to people based on their payment capabilities. He further argues that the current market trades queues for prices. This is where people’s ability to pay for the good or service supersedes their ability to wait for that good. The author however fails to recognize the fact that tagging a price on a commodity or service regulates its demand and supply in the market…”

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Michael Sandel What MoneyCan’t Buy Michael Sandel What MoneyCan’t Buy
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