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Identify the key stakeholders and describe their involvement and responsibilities in the project

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Identify the key stakeholders and describe their involvement and responsibilities in the project

Manage projects


This assessment requires the completion of eight (8) tasks based on a scenario.


Templates have been provided in your learning materials to utilise when completing these tasks.

You can also use the templates provided below as a framework for each task.


The following is a scenario based on a proposed tourism project.


The eight (8) tasks are to be answered adequately to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the concept of project management.


This is a major assessment and therefore sufficient detail must be supplied.


You are required to provide copies of or links to any research material you include in the assessment.





As acting manager of your group’s marketing department, you are required to prepare an initial project plan for the staging of the Tourism Enterprise Group (TEG) Staff Recognition Awards Evening.


TEG is an international tourism group which has opened franchises in Australia, and is holding a staff recognition and awards evening for its Australian franchises and Asia Pacific regional office, which is located in Singapore.


This event will occur on the last Saturday evening in October each year, Project lead time for the project is six (6) months.


This evening is an event which will recognise and reward staff for their loyalty, dedication and outstanding achievements based on the company’s outstanding profit performance and commitment to its employees, suppliers and industry.


You will be required to plan, manage, execute, monitor and evaluate this event.


You are free to engage some or all of the five marketing staff within your department to assist with the planning and staging of the event over the coming months.




The CEO has provided you with the following:-


TEG Recognition & Awards Evening

Project Information



The recognition awards evening should be in the form of a formal dinner which includes entertainment, pre and post dinner music and include the presentation a series of staff awards and service recognition certificates culminating in the ‘Employee of the Year Award and speeches

The five award categories are:

1)       Best customer service                                                                        $1000

2)       Most innovative tourism development program                           $1000

3)       Most sales to Europe                                                                           $1000

4)       Most sales to the Americas                                                                $1000

5)       Most outstanding in overall sales performance                             $1000


The five category award winners will receive the above-mentioned cash incentive each, and the ‘Employee of the Year’ will be receiving a cash incentive of $2000 plus a holiday gift voucher to the value of $3000.



The objectives of this awards evening held by TEG, are to continually support and encourage all staff members of the company by recognising and rewarding their achievements.  This aim is to ensure the longevity of employment for each individual.  It is expected too, that talk of the awards evening will filter through the industry and become an enviable benefit of being an employee of TEG, creating awareness that TEG is an increasingly rewarding company for employment.

TEG CEO has expressed his desire that the Evening be of a calibre necessary to promote TEG’s entry into the market to other Industry players and TEG’s expansion plans into the region



The guest list will include 500 staff plus 50 managers and executives plus VIP’S including 5 Directors. Some of the attendees will be travelling from International destinations for the evening. Three Directors are travelling from London and 20 employees from Singapore

All guests are invited to bring partners.

The CEO has requested you recommend the VIP guest list and the Master of Ceremonies for the evening



A suitable venue commensurate with the objectives should be recommended to the CEO



The CEO has asked you to develop a theme for the event and an alternate for his consideration.


Entertainment and Hospitality

The Dinner is to consist of four (4) Courses with pre-dinner drinks and Canapé’s.

There is to be two sets of Cabaret style entertainment One (1) set of 20 mins duration to open the event and the second set of 40 minutes between Main Course and dessert


Project costs

The CEO is reluctant to allocate a budget for the event; he would prefer to consider an initial budget estimate presented as a part of the project briefing/scope.

Note The Company is bearing all costs for the Event.


Task instructions


Complete all of the following eight (8) tasks


  1. Prepare a Project Briefing or Project Scope

Prepare a Project Management Briefing or Scope Document for your project using the information supplied plus information you obtain from your own research (copies of research documents or sources to be supplied) as a part of the Project Brief/Scope, prepare a full budget estimate


  1. Key stakeholders

Identify the key stakeholders and describe their involvement and responsibilities in the project


  1. Responsibility and authority

Identify the members of your project team and describe their individual responsibilities and deliverables


  1. Communication Plan

Prepare a project communication plan for the project and include samples of any communication collateral i.e. flyers emails press releases


  1. Work (or Task) Breakdown Schedule

Complete a simplified Work Breakdown Schedule for the awards evening.


  1. 6.      Resource Plan

As you and your marketing department do not have all the resources required to complete the project, discuss the methods of obtaining the resources Necessary to complete the project For example, the steps involved in outsourcing third party suppliers, sourcing them from the client or sponsors, or creating them for the project. These resources may involve people, money, time, equipment, venues facilities or any other necessity required for the project.


  1. 7.      Risk management and contingency plan

It is imperative to conduct a risk assessment in project management. Contingency measures are also necessary to ensure a successful event.  Complete a risk management plan identifying at least three (3) risks/hazards that may impact on this project. As part of your plan you should include contingencies and risk evaluations.


  1. 8.      Evaluating the project

It is necessary to conduct a project evaluation at the conclusion of any project.

Describe in detail how you will evaluate the success or failure of this awards evening. Provide examples of any documents, forms, meeting minutes or statistical data that will be used to evaluate the project


You will be assessed on the following:


Demonstrate extensive research into project management for a tourism or hospitality-based project.


Information is relevant and shows a comprehensive understanding of project management and the importance of planning, administering, monitoring and evaluating a tourism or hospitality-based project.


Information presented is analysed in relation to the requirements of a project manager including how to successfully initiate, plan, implement, control and close a project.


Your assessment MUST be word processed, include a Table of Contents and clearly identified attachments. It should be of a standard expected in the Tourism Hospitality and Events sector for a document being presented to the CEO of an International Travel Company

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