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Ideal Stand of Businesses on being Green

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Ideal Stand of Businesses on being Green

Ideal Stand of Businesses on being Green

This is an assignment: research proposal. YOU CAN DECIDE THE TOPIC THAT YOU CAN BETTER DEVELOP; I DON`T HAVE ANY SPECIFIC GUIDELINE IN THIS. These are the guidelines: -The key in this assessment is to use critical reflective skills to reflect on the impact of their understanding on the problem solving process -Use ‘Harvard Referencing Style` -THIS IS A PROPOSAL TO CARRY OUT RESEARCH AND HOW AND WHY YOU WOULD PLAN TO DO IT -Diagrams and charts may be added to clarify and illustrate points. a) Background to the problem/issue Explanation of the problem/issue and justification of why it is important, both from an organisational and an academic perspective. b) Research objectives or questions Precisely written and to include observable outcomes which will lead to an analytical piece of research. c) Literature review Demonstrate knowledge of relevant literature by identifying key debates, concepts and theories within the topic area. Discuss how the proposed research relates to the existing literature and how the literature will be utilised to inform the primary research. d) Methodology Justification of research strategy (e.g. qualitative or quantitative) and data collection methods (e.g. use of a questionnaire survey or semi-structured interviews). Outline of proposed approach to: gaining access to the organisation; sampling; the development of the research instrument (e.g. questionnaire); conducting the survey, interviews etc; data analysis; relevant ethical issues. You should cite relevant academic sources to show that your choice of method and the detail of your proposed research follow good practice. e) Timescale and resources Action plan that outlines the viability of the proposal. This can take the form of a chart or table setting out the key stages of the research and corresponding target dates.
Ideal Stand of Businesses on being GreenBackground to the Problem or IssuePeople in the business and marketing industry nowadays go along with the green trend. The trend encompasses implementation of green marketing and management of a green business. Green marketing promotesbusiness products that may be natural, organic, made from recycled materials, created using nature derived ingredients or packaged and produced in a way that minimizes harm towards the environment. Green marketing may also refer to businessservices where everything is meticulously studied then implemented taking into consideration all the possible short and long term effects towards consumers and the environment.Management of a green business on the other hand ensures that activities in the business and establishment itself are environment friendly. This occurrence is caused by a wide range of factors from the colossal issue of global warming to individual personalities.Because of the aforesaid facts the huge challenge of running a business, planning step by step processes, manufacturing of products, managing the business, making sure that everything is environment friendly, maximizing the use of raw materials, competitive pricing, minimizing waste produced and solving every problem that arises due to a business` decision to go green lies on the hands of the management, owner and the people in the company. But aside from the hard work and effort that goes with this stand, going green has a lot of positive effects like making the company earn more because of people`s changing demand, lowering of costs or expenses, ensuring safe and quality products sold, minimizing customer complaints, giving consumers more valued products than other chemical filled products in the market and most of all being responsible and helping in any way we can to minimize effects of global warming.This topic is of importance in the academic field because even the youth must act responsibly towards the environment, must realize the fact that if we don`t act accordingly all of us are affected by the environment`s destruction, mustlearn how to help in any way that they can, must see the importance of having these products available and in the future must be able to determinedly manage businesses of their own that are aligned with these ideal ways.Research Objectives or QuestionsThis work is intended to show how beneficial implementing a green business is and to know the extent of measures that is ideally done by a green business including, not only one aspect, but all the aspects connected to a company and its products. Worthiness of some ways of managing businesses and production processes shall be determined and analysed. In addition to these, what everyone can do as citizens of this planet to reduce the effects of global warming shall also be taken into consideration as this fact affects each and every one of us.The aforesaid aspects to be discussed are the financial aspect, environmental aspect...

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Ideal Stand of Businesses on being Green Ideal Stand of Businesses on being Green
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