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How Can we Reduce Hospital Wait Times in Ontario?

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How Can we Reduce Hospital Wait Times in Ontario?

How Can we Reduce Hospital Wait Times in Ontario?


HLST 4200 6.0Professor Liane GinsburgTerm 1 Assignment: Research Question and Literature (10%)Due September 26th (all sections) via Moodle. Your assignment needs to be uploaded to the course website by 5pm orit will be considered late.Assignment SummaryIn this brief assignment you need to outline a sound research question (discussed in week 2) thatinterests you. You should work from the question you submitted September 17 (and refine it ifI provided feedback suggesting that or if you feel it should be refined). You will perform a briefliterature search and summarize the extent to which your question has been answered in theliterature. If your lit review reveals that your question is too broad you can comment on how thequestion could be further refined.Assignment DetailsSubmit a document that is maximum 600 words (which is roughly 1 page) with the following:1. in one short paragraph, outline a research question that interests you, including 1-2 linesabout why this question is of interest to you / why you think it is important.2. Provide citations using APA style for the 2-3 articles you found that are the most directlyrelevant to your research question. The actual citations must be included but are notcounted as part of the 600 words. To identify articles that are directly relevant to your research question, you will need tosearch and read at least the abstracts of many more than 2-3 papers. Use pubmed and/or proquest ABI and proquest Nursing for your searches At least one of the papers you include should be an empirical study (e.g. where theyactually collect data) Try to select papers from “good quality” journals. You can google a journal’s “impactfactor” which provides a decent measure of how rigorous, well regarded and well cited ajournal is (better journals have an impact factor that is greater than 1 or 2)3. Provide the search terms you used in this process4. Write up a couple bullets describing the extent to which these 2-3 papers shed light on (oranswer) your research question. In these bullets you should mention whether each paper: is a theory paper or empirical paper provides data/answers to your research question (or data on a related research questionif that was the best you could find) – and what do the authors conclude that is relevantto your research question5. Conclusions: has your question been studied…if it was too broad, did the literature help yourefine or modify your research question to make it better or more relevant?6. Write one to two sentences outlining your learning from this assignment and any frustrationsyou experiencedNOTE: To do this in one page you will obviously need to be very clear and concise in your writing.This is worth 10% and although it may seem easy to write one page, don’t underestimate the amountof time you will need to spend looking at the literature and writing (and re-writing) up your findingsin order to do well on this piece of work.

Health and Medicine: Reducing Wait Times in OntarioName:Institution:Date:How Can we Reduce Hospital Wait Times in Ontario?Research QuestionCanada’s first ministers in 2004 endorsed a Ten-year plan aimed at strengthening the healthcare system. In this plan, they committed to the better management of waiting times and a reduction of waiting times that are measurable and are not longer than medically acceptable (Willcox, Seddon, Dunn, Edwards, Pearse, & Tu, 2007). The research, therefore, begs the question on the strategies that are applicable in reducing the wait times in Ontario. This question is vital as it provides insight on strategies that can reduce the waiting times and hence promote the achievement of the ten-year plan implemented in the country.The search words used to obtain the relevant resources included reducing hospital times in Ontario, strategies to reduce wait times in Ontario, and approaches for reducing wait time.The article “Reducing Wait Times for Health Care” is both a theoretical and an empirical paper edited by Globerman hi...

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How Can we Reduce Hospital Wait Times in Ontario? How Can we Reduce Hospital Wait Times in Ontario?
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