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Gratifications and Uses Theory

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Gratifications and Uses Theory

Gratifications and Uses Theory

Write an essay researching the salient features and applicability of "Gratifications and Uses Theory (use of social media)”. The research paper should demonstrate I can: - Explain the theory - Apply the theory to a given media situation - Collect evidence through study of films/ video/ radio/ print/ advertising/ PR/ internet/ animation - Analyze the evidence collected to support your arguments - Summarize the key findings to give your conclusion - Number all headings - When you write an example related to this theory, I want you to use TV shows that audience take a big part of it. I mean that the audience gets to vote for the participating talents. I want you to write about the show in general at first, and then explain the relation between it and the theory itself. The examples that I would like you to use are "American Idol" and "So You Think You Can Dance". You could also use another example for a TV show that audience can control the ending of it, which is recommended to write. Deliverables: Your paper must include the following: Honesty statement Introduction Main arguments/ hypothesis Evidence gathered through study of various mass media Analysis of this information gathered Conclusion and summary Bibliography (MLA list of the books, journals, websites used in the paper) Appendix (graphs, pictures, videos, film, print material, transcripts used as evidence). Important notes: - Please be aware of plagiarism because my school is very strict in its rules and they check the plagiarized papers using “Turnitin” software. - Try to use get the information from books more than websites and provide me with the PDF or the electronic copy of the book because my instructor could ask about the reference. - I want the references from 2 books and 5-6 websites - I am an Arabic speaker so try not use complicated. My IELTS score in writing is band so I want my paper to be at the same level
The advantages of research on media impact on viewers1.0 AbstractThe uses and gratification viewpoint significantly approaches the view of the media consumer. This concept has helped the populace to determine how they use the media, and the satisfaction they expect to receive from their media conduct. Professional studies of uses and gratification theory indicate that the audience is informed and sure of their expectations and hence the reason for choosing a particular media mode (Comstock 1).2.0 History of researchThe uses and gratifications approach can be traced back to early 1940. During this time, analysts developed interest to know why people had taste for a particular kind of media like radio or newspaper. Based on studies, their interest was descriptive and sought to categorize the responses from the audience into tangible groups (Comstock 1). . Nonetheless, Eisenhower Commission realized three forms of gratification that are associated to listeners of radio programs. The three areas involved include wishful thoughts, obtaining advice and emotional relief. Previous research that was carried out during a strike was committed to asking people why they preferred a certain newspaper. In his findings, respondents were classified into five major groups that included readers who were in search of information, those that read for social prestige, another who read to while away time, some read as a way of daily living as another lot read for social context. However, these early studies provided little theoretical coherence; in fact, most were instigated by the practical demands of newspaper publishers and radio broadcasters whose researches were meant as a measure to motivate the audience so as improve service to the people (Comstock 2). 3.0 The effects of the concept on Media and AudienceFor instance implications of the theory are applied in the series of So You Think You Can Dance has extensively applied the theory in the program that commands a large viewers. Examiners of the sessions come from various age groups and caliber and add value to original content of entertaining, informing, and inspiring the programs audience. This team of media experts is reliable, fervent and significant because of their acquaintance of particular topics. In applying the concept on media situations, the Uses and Gratification Theory is one of the major audience theories that endeavor to explain the role of mass media from the point of approach of the viewer (Comstock 2). 4.0 Successes of studies on Theory The concept is a major success in mass communication studies since it first envisages the audience as an active and not easily manipulated by mass messages. Thus, this theory exerts functionalism campaigns from the perception of the audience rather than the bearer who is the communicator. The theory disputes for the pre-existence of needs and intentions in the audience which act to direct media services toward gratifications and uses respectively. Hence, maki...

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Gratifications and Uses Theory Gratifications and Uses Theory
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