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God on Trial Annotated Bibliography

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God on Trial Annotated Bibliography

God on Trial Annotated Bibliography

Please write me an annotated bibliography for this assignment that I am going to attach. Please be brief and I need almost 3 sentences or 4 to describe how each source is used in my essay.
Name: Instructor: Course: Date: God on trial An annotated bibliography Colson, Charles. God on Trial. BreakPoint, 2008 Web. 31.Jul.2012. This is a film review of God on Trial, but it has a religious angle meant to provoke the questions surrounding God and religion. From a Catholic viewpoint, there is a relation between God`s will and fulfillment of his promises, and hence the movie is relevant in bringing to the forefront challenging questions. Even though, the captives follow Judaism religious people of all faiths may at times have doubts about God depending on their misery. Colson`s article is used to highlight on the Jewish belief that God made a covenant with them, but the captives argue that they did not commit any crime worthy of the punishment they received. Emmony, Andy De, dir. God on Trial. BBC/WGBH Boston television, 2008. Film. In adapting the film, Emmony the director of God on Trial, extends beyond religious beliefs to violence in the name of God. The use of Auschwitz is simply fictional, but serves to enhance the plot of the story through a historical hourney. It is during the internment of Jewish people at the hands of their Nazi captors, that the Jews had serious doubts about God`s covenant with them. Emmony further uses the film to show that ...

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God on Trial Annotated Bibliography God on Trial Annotated Bibliography
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