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Wireless Diabetes Monitors

Wireless Diabetes Monitors

Wireless Diabetes Monitors

use the files I uploaded follow this 1- Assessment of Progress 2- Matters Raised (bullet point form) 3-Summary of Outcomes & Actions
Wireless Diabetes MonitorsName:Course:Institution:Tutor:Date: IntroductionThe objective of this report is to outline the advantages of the wireless diabetes monitors as the current technology in the monitoring of diabetic patients. Moreover, matters arising from the technology are also brought out, and outcomes and actions to be taken outlined.Assessment of progress With the invention of Wireless Diabetes Monitors, marking of the diabetes progress in patients has been made possible and easier. Doctors are able to keep track of the of diabetes progress in the suffering patients using this computerized device and hence they are able to help the patients (Eric 2012). The invention of the wireless diabetes monitors is highly favoured by diabetic patients, as they are effective than blood sugar strips which have accuracy of a small percentage and are awful to the patients since they are dirty. Another advantage is that the mechanism is easier and faster than the use of many devices such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) and pump, for insulin inoculation, to determine and keep track of diabetes in patients. Bluetooth glucose meter have significance since checking of glucose levels can be up to ten times a day by the diabetic patients (Alison 2012). Wireless mechanism stands to offer better services to the diabetic patients. Wireless glucose check ...

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Wireless Diabetes Monitors Wireless Diabetes Monitors
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Reviews: 5

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