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[Solved] Working in the Culture Industries

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[Solved] Working in the Culture Industries

1) An Individual Reflection of your Group Presentation (1000 words ‐ 40%) The quality of this reflection will depend on the quality of the Group Presentation and your contribution to it. Below is a list of the areas you need to cover, in the order that they should appear. The Word counts are only guidelines. You May find your content is weighted differently.

Content breakdown:

1. An introductory statement with the following details bullet pointed (no word count):


a. Your seminar group and tutor

b. The number of your Presentation Group and the date of presentation

c. The names of the people in your group

d. The subject of the presentation


2. A detailed description of what your contribution entailed. (150 words)

What did you research and where precisely did you get your information? Refer to specific readings, websites or speakers etc. What broadly were your findings?


3. A critique of the presentation over all. (300 words)

In terms of what your group wanted to achieve, what worked and why, and what did not and why? This is not the place to go into detail about the reasons for technical problems, or about the uneven effort of the members of the group. You must limit your discussion to the actual presentation and its impact. Your critique should both be about the methods of presentation (delivery, visuals etc.) and the content (accuracy, precision etc.)


4. A more specific critique of your own contribution (300 words)

Again, in terms of both content and presentation, what worked and did not – and why?


5. A personal ‘sector summary’. (250 words)

Referring to the other presentations as well as to your own, tell us is and how your conception of your sector has now changed. What of the new knowledge you have gleaned has made an impact on you and why?


CW1 Essay (1500 words) - 40%

What general economic shifts have led to the identification of a new class of labour called the ‘precariat’ and how would you define this category of worker in relation first generally to the Creative Industries and then specifically to your own sector? In your answer compare and contrast the different critical approaches to changes in the workplace that you have been introduced to during the module

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[Solved] Working in the Culture Industries [Solved] Working in the Culture Industries
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