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Understand business communication models, systems and processes

Understand business communication models, systems and processes

In this paper, you are asked to analyse the communication needs of stakeholders and different communication models. Also, evaluate the effectiveness of various communication systems. Furthermore, describe the factors, importance of using correct grammar, spelling, etc in business communications. Finally, you are to explain proof-reading techniques in your report.   

LO: Understand business communication models, systems and processe

Assessment Criteria: 

1.1 Analyse the communication needs of internal and external stakeholders
1.2 Analyse the different communication models that support administration
1.3 Evaluate the effectiveness of different communication systems
1.4 Explain the factors that affect the choice of communication media
1.5 Explain the importance of using correct grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling and conventions in business communications
1.6 Explain the factors to be taken into account in planning and structuring different communication media
1.7 Explain ways of overcoming barriers to communication
1.8 Explain the use of communications theories and body language
1.9 Explain proof-reading techniques for business communications

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  • Title: Understand business communication models, systems and processes
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