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Discourse Analysis

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Discourse Analysis

Discourse Analysis


Please focus on the "Telepresence and acceleration" section of the article. (pg. 240-243) NOTHING ELSE!

compose a 2-3 page essay that

(1) points out some of the more significant features of scholarly writing that are exemplified here

(2) describes how they work, and

(3) explains why they are used in this article

The techniques needed to be mentioned: 

- Orchestration

- Apposition

- Citation

- Definitions

- Reporting expression

- Level of generalities

(related sources of these technique please see Janet Giltrow`s academic writing)

-Begin the essay with a short gist summary of the passage (4 sentences at most)


Discourse Analysis Name Institution Date The proliferation of communications technologies and the media systems have contributed immensely to the changes in our day to day experiences in life. Some of these telemediated experiences and practices in the media activities and technologies include among others tweeting. The unique cultural practices in the society today according to this scholar include the sending and receiving of text messages, clicking and scrolling on-screen keypad interfaces and the watching and interaction with the d


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Discourse Analysis Discourse Analysis
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