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Theme and Narrative Elements


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Theme and Narrative Elements

Theme and Narrative Elements

Theme and Narrative Elements in the Short Story In two to four double-spaced pages (excluding title and reference page), demonstrate your understanding of literary themes, using a short story from the readings in week one or two: Describe what the theme of the short story is, using Chapter Seven of the text as a reference. Identify at least two of the literary elements in the short story that contribute to the theme (e.g., plot, point of view, tone, setting, character, symbolism, etc.), providing an example of each element. Explain how the selected literary elements affect the narrative theme Your paper should be organized around a thesis statement that focuses on how the literary elements contribute to the larger narrative theme. All sources must be properly cited. The paper must include a separate title and reference page, and be formatted to APA (6th edition) style. The paper must be two to four pages in length (excluding the title and reference page), and formatted according to APA style. You must use at least two scholarly resources (at least one of which can be found in the Ashford Online Library) other than the textbook to support your claims and subclaims.
The Necklace Name: Course: Professor Name: (June 25, 2012) .  The Diamond Necklace is as Fake as Madame Loisel ‘The Necklace` is also referred to as ‘The Diamond Necklace` written by Guy De Maupassant, French in the 1884, published in Le Gaulois which is a French Newspaper. It has dramatic ending inspiring Henry James in the story ‘Paste`. Conor Mitchell dramatized it in a musical model (Anson & Wan, 2011). The story circles on Charles and Madame Mathilde Loisel. Wonderful jewels are observed with Mathilde ultimately marrying a clerk struggling to make ends meet. Mathilde lost a borrowed necklace in the Public Instruction Party. Mathilde and her husband take ten years to pay for the loans used to pay for the necklace. Mathilde confesses to Forestier on the lost necklace only to learn it was a paste and not real diamond. The story has been adapted by a number o...

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