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Do revolutions change anything in Geopolitics

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Do revolutions change anything in Geopolitics

Political revolutions in the Arab world have irreversibly changed the political system of the area. Scholars draw comparison of the Arab uprising with the Eastern Europe uprisings in 1989. Political revolts have been rendered fruitless by the present Arab authoritarian regimes a situation that has prompted to uprisings to secure political democracy. Political revolutions usually erupt as a result of tyrant leadership. Many are the times that such revolutions end up in a worse political situation. However, such revolts and uprisings usually succeed in sensitizing the government on the need of the people and may yield positive results. Historically, the revolutions resulted in a modified geopolitical environment where the respective governments adapting to different governing techniques (Sempa, 2007, p. 73). According to Ferrández (2013, p. 21), the people who participate in organizing and funding political uprising seek reprieve of government tyrant leadership styles. Uprisings have been observed by political analysts as main turning points of a country’s geopolitical environment. Most countries pursuing change through revolts try to rebel against traditional form of government such as monarchy, single party system and dictatorship.

It is evident that the geopolitics of a nation is bound to change as a result of an uprising. This is because the new regimes enacted after the success or failure of the revolutions use a different political approach to govern the nation. For example, the Arab uprising was aimed at enacting a modern state government which is democratic in nature. Traditionally, countries in the Arab world were ruled by specific people in a form of monarch who control the countries’ economic resources (Achcar and Goshgarian, 2013, p. 43).  This form of governance usually oppressed those with no direct link to the ruling class a situation that prompted to a string of revolts. Each and every revolt in the Arabian world centralized on specific domestic issues of national interest with equal importance to those jurisdictions in their own light. Mostly, revolutions result to political crisis in a country a situation that has been witnessed in most revolution in history. Political revolts in the Arab world are not exceptional…”

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Do revolutions change anything in Geopolitics Do revolutions change anything in Geopolitics
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