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Contemporary issue in criminology or a criminal event. (MUST RELATE DIRECTLY THE TEXTBOOK: CRIMINOLOGICAL THEORY)

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Contemporary issue in criminology or a criminal event. (MUST RELATE DIRECTLY THE TEXTBOOK: CRIMINOLOGICAL THEORY)

Contemporary issue in criminology or a criminal event. (MUST RELATE DIRECTLY THE TEXTBOOK: CRIMINOLOGICAL THEORY)

Research Paper (45%) Students will write a paper that applies the theory or theoretical framework of their choice to a contemporary issue in criminology or a criminal event. The paper is to be approximately 1500 words, double spaced, with references and citations in APA format. The papers must have an adequate bibliography APA Style. ATTENTION: MUST RELATE DIRECTLY THE TEXTBOOK: CRIMINOLOGICAL THEORY. A text / Reader by Stephen G.Tibbets, Craig Hemmens. ISBN: 978-1-4129-5037-4 Book Contents: 1. Pre-Classical, and Classical Theories of crime 2. Deterrence, Rational Choice, and routine activities/lifestyle theories of crime 3. Early positive school perspectives of Criminality 4. Modern Biosocial perspectives of Criminal behaviour 5. Early social structure and strain theories of crime 6. Chicago School, and cultural/subcultural theories of crime 7. Social process/Learning theories of crime etc. ATTENTION: DO NOT write on SERIAL KILLERS!!! You can write on serial homicide for example and explain the theoretical ventures that explain this fenomena, but DON`T write on serial killers!! MUST HAVE FROM 7 to 10 APA style REFERENCES, MUST BE SCHOLARLY ARTICLES!! ( NO google or you will get a zero mark) UNITY • Subject – Stick to what it is that you say you`re going to write about • Scope – Consistency in the breadth of what you are covering – Use an outline • Tone – Don`t start informally, then later move to a formal style, or, don`t start angrily, then later move to a mellow style. Be careful about sounding arrogant, pompous, phony, patronizing, too sophisticated etc. • Style – Finding your own style requires practice. Don`t try to imitate others • Point of View – You are either an observer or a participant in the “story” you are trying to tell • Tense – keep them in the proper sequence The Logics of Order • Chronological: by time • Spatial Logic: from left to right, up to down, right to left etc. • General to specific Attention: APA style reference is a must! PLAGIARISM: The use of other people`s work must be properly acknowledged and referenced in all written material. Only Scholarly articles are allowed to use for research. Students agree that by taking this course all assignments are subject to submission for textual similarity review by Turnitin.com. Assignments submitted to Turnitin.com will be included as source documents in Turnitin.com`s restricted access database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism in such documents for five academic years. The instructor will submit all assignments electronically to Turnitin.com and similar sites to detect plagiarism. GRADING RUBRIC: attached so you have an Idea how to maximize my score to 100%. Name: Crit eria Possible points Your score The paper provides context for research question or problem (why should the reader care?) 5 Paper is persuasive 5 Paper is sufficiently deep (takes account of important works) 7 Paper shows clearly that the student has read and understood source text(s) 7 Paper summarizes key points or issues, critically analyzes those points and/or synthesizes key points with student`s own ideas 7 It is always made clear when information, opinions or facts come from a source as opposed to coming from the student 7 Materials are documented properly (APA) 2 Writing style is clear, flows well, and student pays attention to proper grammar and spelling 5 Total Score 45 0.00 Comments: I am a 90%+ student I just don`t have the time for this, but I expect and MOSTLY I need 100% on this one PLEASE !!! Thank you very much in advance.
Terrorism.Students NameStudents NumberInstructors NameIntroductionTerrorism is the engagement in violent acts with an intention to create fear in the minds of the masses. It is mainly perpetrated for religious or ideological goals. The perpetrators mainly target defenseless civilians. The terror events have become widespread and are being perpetrated globally. The main culprits target innocent civilians whom they harm using bombs, grenades, and gun power. They hope that by doing this their grievances will be looked into by the relevant authorities. Harming innocent people is their preferred way of showing the pain in their hearts.Thesis statement.This paper seeks to explain the criminal acts of terrorism based on various theories on crime. It will show that the acts are criminal in organization and, perpetration by individuals.Theories on crime.There are various theories that explain crime. The first theory is the classical theory (Philip, 2008). This theory explains that human beings are independent minded. They think rationally before deciding what to do. Human beings exercise their free will in deciding what is best for them. The indulgence in crime by individuals brings them pleasure. This pleasure eliminates the pain society has caused them. Individuals who perpetrate terrorism do it after weighing on the pros and cons of their actions. Most of them are religious fundamentalists who associate any action they consider undesirable as an affluent to their religion. The laws that are applicable in every jurisdiction should be fair both to the offender and the offended (Sung, 2003). Every criminal act should be punished proportionately to the gravity of the offense. The culprits in terrorism cases are normally sentenced to lengthy jail terms. This discourages any potential offenders and also brings justice to the many people who are affected either directly or indirectly by the terrorist actions. According to the classical theory the authorities must formulate laws that are clear. They should be easily understood by the majority. The laws should not be biased against any offender. This is due to the presumption of innocence on the offender (suspect) until proven guilty. The interpreters of the law (judges) should be non partisan in the dispensation of justice. They must quote sections of the law that have been violated. The same law should give the prescribed remedy in terms of punishment to any offender. The punishment meted out on offenders should only be based on law and not the discretion of judges. The public should be educated on the laws that govern them. They will be aware of the applicability of the law in ensuring equity in society. For the law to take its course, corruption must be eliminated from the judiciary (Elliot, 2007). This will promote fairness to all. The classical school stresses the importance of deterrence as a means of combating crime.The second theory...

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Contemporary issue in criminology or a criminal event. (MUST RELATE DIRECTLY THE TEXTBOOK: CRIMINOLOGICAL THEORY) Contemporary issue in criminology or a criminal event. (MUST RELATE DIRECTLY THE TEXTBOOK: CRIMINOLOGICAL THEORY)
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