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The Middle Class and the Poor


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The Middle Class and the Poor

The Middle Class and the Poor

During this past week in class we did a group project to all see what it would be like to live below the poverty line. The class was split up into groups and we all had to create a family. After determining how many people were in our family we were giving our yearly income that would fall below the poverty line. We had to divide our monthly income up to our expenses to make sure we did not go over for the month.########
Blogs are for you to use your “sociological imagination” by applying something that we discussed in class, covered in lectures, read in your textbook, or saw in a video to your everyday life.
The blog must be at least 300 words in length and respond specifically to some of the topics discussed in class. You must have ONE SOURCE that is not your textbook, powerpoint slides, or class notes.
Tell me:
add more information by including a new source
argumentwhether you thought the movies and clips were thought-provoking or just did not provide a strong enough
whether you agree or disagree with how a topic was respresented (make sure to tell me whey you feel they way you do)
how you feel about specic topics that were presented in class

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The Middle Class and the Poor

In the recent activity we had in class, we had an opportunity to extrapolate the trends that people in the middle and lower class go through. We also had to assume the patterns of decision making that they apply in their life and the decisions they make to prioritize on the little funds they have. In each of the instances, it was clear that the major prioritization option they apply in their life mostly accrues to the necessities such as food. The study also allowed us to be in the mind of these people and to partially experience some of the sociological trends in their life. It was clear that the impact of being below the poverty line only limited the number of friends that these people had in their circle with most of them being those that are in the same lower class. The study also allowed us to discover why the unit of the family is very close.

The study was quite thought provoking by encouraging one to look at some of the limits that these people experience. The study also allowed one to coopt insight from a variety of quotas one being offering an understanding of how social setups and correlations participate in the life of these people. I agree with propositions that we raised by the study mostly by noting that the more an individual lives within the poverty line, the more they will seek to create social set ups with individuals that are around them. The study actually arouses thoughts on the role of funds towards in creating social circles. One wonders whether the level of money that one has determines the ties they will create. Further, the study begs to raise the views raised by Diener and Marissa whether these people can create satisfaction through social ties rather than the material resources they get.


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