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Sustainable Events Management


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Sustainable Events Management

Sustainable Events Management

You are to select an event company`s sustainability policy for your SEM assignment CW1: 100% weighting: Learning outcome 1: ‘Critically analyse concepts and theories of sustainability relevant to the events industry.` Individual Report of 2500 words ‘Students are required to critically assess the sustainability policy of a events business and create linkages to the Triple-Bottom-Line theory. Suitable recommendations must then be offered in line with your critical appraisal of the organisation`s sustainability plan.`
Sustainable Event Management Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Sustainable Event Management This study provides a critical analysis of the concepts and theories associated with sustainable events management. There are different sustainability theories incorporated in the policies of different event management organization. This paper provides a clear analysis of the linkages between the triple bottom line theory and the sustainability policies and strategies of the events management industry. After the appraisal of the sustainability plan of the organization, a conclusion is drawn. Moreover, the recommendations are given to ensure that the sustainability plan is practical in the highly competitive events management. The triple bottom line This evaluation process is instrumental in the determination of the success of an association or the humanity at large. The core aspects of the theory are the social, economic, and environmental factors. An organization at all times should strive to be balanced on all the three bottom lines. These factors put into consideration the people, the earth, and the profit of the organization. Sustainability of an organization is identified through a series of evaluations. However, the bottom line is that the organization must engage in environment friendly activities support the interests of the society and make economic sense through income generation (Allen, 2008). Tourism industry events It is pertinent to note that the development of sustainable events management policies in the tourism industry starts at the structure of the policy-making organization. The planning process of events should reflect the interests of the society and put into consideration the long-term implications of the event being planned. All the stakeholders should be involved in decision-making process and policy generation. In the tourism industry, some of the key players are residents of the tourism destination and organization involved in the event planning...

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