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[Solved] Response to a Critique

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[Solved] Response to a Critique

Response to a Critique

In the second paragraph, I was making a presentation of the two forms of religion that would form the basis for my outline. My choice focused on offering insight on the relationship between the Gods and human fraternity in the world. I also focused on showing the main ideas that support Christianity, which is how God set out to reach out to humanity through Adam and Eve. The same case is visible in EnumaElish as I explain the roles of the Gods and how they are connected to the world of humanity. Your second concern was on the rise of humanity and its relation to the gods. Well, the Existence of both Tiamat and Apsu is eternal and the children they give birth to are not human, as you would expect. They give birth to other gods (Ea and the brothers). However, the myth notes Apsu being killed later by Ea and after that Tiamat the wife remarries Kingu who is also killed by another god Marduk a son to Ea. It is then that humanity arises from the blood of Kingu. The role of humanity would be to work for the gods.

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[Solved] Response to a Critique [Solved] Response to a Critique
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