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In this paper, you are asked to present a report on Comparative analysis of design code. You are required to highlight the importance differences between AS3600 or AS4100. 

Write a report (choose a topic from the list of design topics for Autumn Session 2017) that highlights the important differences between AS3600 or AS4100 and the corresponding design codes that you became familiar with in your undergraduate degree.


For International Students, there are likely to be fundamental differences between load factors and the working stress and limit states approaches to design in your undergraduate degree country of study and current practice in Australia.


For Mature-Age Domestic Students familiar with working stress design techniques, the emphasis in your presentation should be on the salient differences between working stress design and limit states design.


Design topics for Autumn Session 2017


Group AS 3600

  1. Design of reinforced concrete two-way edge supported slabs
  2. Design of reinforced concrete slender columns


Group AS 4100

  1. Design of steel plate girders with web openings
  2. Laterally unrestrained beams


It is recommended that the significant differences in design approaches are highlighted through a single design example (choose a design topic from the list above) and conclusions are drawn on how you would alter your design approach if you were to practice as a professional design consultant in Australia.


The written report should be comprised of the following components:

  1. Title page (including student name and university identification)
  2. Abstract/Summary
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction (outlining  your  undergraduate  background  and  corresponding design codes)
  5. A worked example using the design code followed in undergraduate degree
  6. Design the same example using Australian Standards
  7. Discussions on  similarities  and  differences  in  design  approaches  (use  the reference column effectively)
  8. Conclusions and Recommendations (see above)
  9. References


Marking Scale

  1. Overall presentation (2 Marks)
  2. Clear logical structure directed at components 1-9 above versus no apparent structure / minimal preparation (8 Marks)

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