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Please, please, please see attached instructions and guidelines. Paper will be on book titled "Influence: Science & Prcatice (Cialdini 2009)" and Cialdini`s Compliance Principles. Topic MUST be on Cialdini`s RECIPROCITY, one of his compliance principles. Please see attached instructions and guidelines. Also, please include an Emperical Journal Article. I greatly appreciate your help and assistance.
CIALIDIN`S RECIPROCITY Dr. Cialdini says in his book that it is through the influence processes that we can be able to manage and generate change in our lives. He stresses the need for those wishing to create and sustain the change to fully understand the workings of the process of influence. Currently, there is a lot of adduced evidence which exist on how, why and when people say yes to attempts of influence. The Author extracts the six universal principles of influence and which are so powerful and crucial in our day today lives. In Psychology, compliance refers to an act of responding in a favorable way to implicit or explicit requests which are offered by others. An explicit request includes a direct request for donations while an implicit includes advertisements promoting a company`s` products without necessarily asking the consumers to buy. In both cases, the targeted people realize that they are being requested to respond in a desired way (Cialdini, 2009).Cialdini organizes compliance techniques into 6 types which are based on the principles of psychology which direct human behavior. The Information Processing theory approaches the study of the cognitive development which was evolved out by the American traditional experiment in Psychology. Theorists in the Information processing suggested that just as the computer, the minds of a human being are a system which can be able to process information via the use of logical strategies and rules. The mind just like the computer has a very limited capacity for nature and the amount of information it can possess. And just like children can become sophisticated thinkers because of the changes of their sensory systems (hardware) and in the strategies and rules (Software) they learn, then the computer just the same way can me made a good processor of information by effecting changes of its hardware (Microchips and circuit boards) and its software through programming. To be able to know compliance professions, Cialdini started the participant observation and found that some principles were commonly utilized to increase the chances of reciprocation, credibility, liking/friendship, successful compliancy, scarcity and social validation. What always determines how best an individual can be able to manage the demands of complex information are the processing demands, when several tasks have to be performed simultaneously. The theoretical frameworks always address the mechanisms of information processing, the changes that are effected when the processes are automated, and the sequences of events in the brain as well as the brain regions which are involved in the different types of information processing (Cialdini, 2009). Controlled processing in this case refers to a thinking which is conscious, voluntary, effortful and intentional. Many activities that we perform on a daily basis rely on a controlled, effortful and cognitive processing. For instance, when we play cards, we study or fill out a form, then by ...

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