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Capital Budgeting and financial Projections

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Capital Budgeting and financial Projections

Project description
>>>Perform an financial internet search for a current health care organization of your choice (preferably publicly traded for-profit organizations because these organizations must report all financial data and make it available to the public). In your search, select and evaluate the report of the financial information from the past 4 quarters or more. Search the internet to complete the applicable financial calculations.Complete the following for this assignment:
>>> Using the statements that you located, provide a financial plan that will do the following:
__Create projected financial statements to analyze effects of alternate operating assumptions on the firms financial condition
__Determine the projected financial requirements that will be needed to support each of the 3 sets of alternate operating instructions
__Forecast the financial sources that might be needed to support your alternative assumptions
__Assess the projected results using a financial condition analysis to the forecasted data
__Provide appropriate spreadsheets such as Projected Income Statement and Projected Balance Sheets to validate your projected assumptions.

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Capital Budgeting and financial Projections Capital Budgeting and financial Projections
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