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Questions on Interview with the Vampire


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Questions on Interview with the Vampire

Questions on Interview with the Vampire

Please answers each of them about 1-3 sentences because my professor doesn`t need the answers to be long. Sources: 1. http://www.biatv.hu/~zsu/lestat/TheVampireChronicles/%20Anne%20Rice%20-%20Interview%20With%20The%20Vampire.pdf 2. http://www.shmoop.com/interview-with-the-vampire/summary.html 3. http://putlockerr.ac/player/watchHD.php?mt=play-Interview-with-the-Vampire-The-Vampire-Chronicles-1994-BluRay.tt0110148
Interview with the Vampire Name: Institution: Course: Date: Louis`s brother was engaged in an accident and it takes place before Louis is attacked by Lestat, a vampire. Lestat attacks Louis by drinking his blood and leaves him for dead. Later he comes to turn Louis into a vampire. Louis takes on a guilt trip, as he blames h...

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